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For a truly epic Steven Raichlen dinner, you need a great Steven Raichlen Starter! Warm-ups get you and your dining companions primed for the magnificent fare to come. Steven’s are every bit as varied, exotic, and delicious as his phenomenal main course recipe offerings. Awesome either as stand-alone Hors d’Oeuvres for cocktail hour with friends or as an addition to a multi-course SR feast! In February, the 500 Club sampled a few of the many options from which to choose!

Steven Raichlen Recipes

Week #21 Grilled Red Bell Pepper and Feta Dip – How to Grill Vegetables

“Tex-Mex? How about Greek-Mex? How else do you describe a dip that starts with Greek feta cheese, which you electrify with flame-roasted poblanos and jalapenos? The first gives you that smoky fire-roasted chile flavor; the second cranks up the heat. Swap the poblanos and jalapenos for fire-roasted red bell peppers, and you get another terrific Greek dip.”

Grilled Red Bell Pepper-and Feta Dip - Steven Raichlen's Recipes

Week #22 Hong Kong Honey Glazed Wings – Barbecue Bible

“Here’s a simple recipe for Hong Kong-style chicken wings. Brushing honey on as they cook creates an exceptionally crisp, sweet skin.” The 500 Club suggested this appetizer as an ideal Super Bowl crowd-pleaser. Steven has many incredible wing recipes, but this is one of our personal favorites!

Hong Kong Honey Glazed Wings

Week #23 Goat Cheese, Thyme, and Honey Tartines – Project Fire

“Tartine (pronounced ‘tar-teen’) is French for an open-face sandwich. Italians call it bruschetta, and it reminds us that the grill was the first toaster. Grilled bread—especially grilled over a wood fire—has a superior taste and texture. Tangy goat cheese and fragrant fresh thyme are timeless French flavors, showcased here on a slice of grilled baguette.”

Goat Cheese, Thyne and Honey Tartines - Steven Raichlen's Recipes

Week #24 Nancy’s Salmorejo – Spanish Smoke Chilled Tomato Soup – How to Grill Vegetables

“Think of Salmorejo as gazpacho’s minimalist cousin. My assistant, Nancy Loseke, first tasted this chilled tomato soup in Cordoba, Andalusia, on one of her olive oil scouting trips. Salmorejo acquires its velvety texture from the emulsification of bread and olive oil. Add more bread and you get a great dip; more water, and you have an intensely flavorful sauce. Garnish with diced jamon Serrano and hard-cooked eggs, and you could serve the soup as a light entrée.”

Spanish Smoke Chilled Tomato Soup

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