What Is a Kamado Grill?

The noble art of grilling has a long history, and there’s a lot that modern pitmasters can learn from the old school. The kamado grill is a perfect example — after all, Japanese and Chinese chefs have used ceramic charcoal cookers called kamado for thousands of years. 

Now, today’s cookout lovers have access to a modern form of this incredibly versatile cooker: the kamado grill. What is a kamado grill, and how does it work? We’ll tell you all about these popular ceramic BBQ grills and why they’re so popular for grilling, smoking and more. 

Grilla Grills Kong kamado grill

The Grilla Grills Kong kamado grill, hard at work doing what it does best.

What Is a Kamado Grill?

A kamado grill is a type of charcoal grill with an insulated interior, similar to the type traditionally used in Japan and China. Today’s kamado grills, like the Grilla Grills Kong, use 21st century materials and design techniques to update this classic into a uniquely versatile cooking device for chefs around the world.

When you open the Kong, you’ll see one of the major things that make kamado grills so special: a heavy-duty ceramic firebox inside the body of the grill. The ceramic lining gives a kamado outstanding heat and moisture retention. That makes it easy to keep it at a consistent temperature for an extended period.

Kamado grills run on charcoal, but not just any charcoal. Your kamado grill will run best on natural lump charcoal. This chunky and irregular form of charcoal is free of the additives you’ll often find in charcoal briquettes, and it burns hotter to give you more efficient heat.

Advantages of a Kamado Grill

  • Consistent Heat: The kamado’s heavy-duty ceramic firebox insulates it and helps it contain heat in a way that other types of grills can’t match. A well designed kamado grill cooks with an even heat that can stay consistently low or consistently high for hours. 
  • Moisture Retention: Tired of smoked meats that gain flavor but lose moisture? Welcome to the glory of kamado grills! The ceramic design helps prevent moisture from escaping and keeps it right where it should be: in your meat.
  • Versatility: Kamado grills have great performance across the temperature spectrum. A high quality kamado grill can do anything from smoking brisket to searing a steak. Just opening and closing the dampers gives you a whole lot of precise temperature control.
  • Cleanup: Tired of constantly scooping ash out of your grill? A kamado grill produces much less ash than a normal grill, and cleaning it out is typically a short and painless process.

kamado grill on home porch

Step Up to a Better Kamado Grill

The Kong Kamado Grill

Kamado ceramic grills offer everything that we love to give our customers at Grilla Grills: extreme versatility, rugged build quality and massive value for the money. So, of course, we had to make one and the result is a whole new evolution of kamado grills: the Grilla Grills Kong.

What kinds of features is this big boy packing? See for yourself:

  • Heavy-duty ceramic lining with a stainless steel nest and hardware components
  • 643 square inches of total cooking area for even the beastliest feast
  • Swiveling casters that make your grill easy to move and lock in place
  • Cast daisy-wheel damper and stainless steel slide plate for easy temperature control
  • Tons of accessories available, including a pizza stone, diffuser and ash basket. One of our favorites? The All-Terrain Kamado Kart. Our cart enables you to take your grill wherever you need it (and store it when you’re not using it).

Read more about the Grilla Grills Kong here and see why our customers love it.

Kamado Grill Dos and Don’ts

Here’s some important facts that Kong owners (and kamado grill owners, in general) should know:

  • DO watch our guide to lighting a kamado grill before you attempt to light yours for the first time. It can be a little tricky on the first few attempts, but it’s simple once you know the right way.
  • DON’T use lighter fluid to light a kamado grill. It will seep into the grill’s ceramic walls, and give your food a nasty chemical taste.
  • DO use a split diffuser to cook with indirect and direct heat at the same time.
  • DON’T use any liquid on the ceramic inner lining of your kamado even water! The only cleaning the Kong’s ceramic firebox needs is a periodic burn-off at around 400º F for 30 minutes.
  • DO use your Kong to smoke your favorite meats! A Kong makes a great kamado smoker when kept between 150º and 250º F.
  • DON’T be afraid to use the Kong in cold weather. It cooks just as well in all seasons, thanks to how well it maintains heat. 
  • DO experiment with cooking different dishes and cuisines on your kamado grill. You can make everything, sear pork steaks, roast lobster tails, grill pizza or bake a cobbler so don’t limit yourself! 

temperature gauge kamado smoker

Experience the Most Versatile Kamado Smoker on the Market

We love to help our customers discover all of the awesome benefits of kamado grilling. See our kamado for beginners guide for more inspiration. Curious about how the Grilla Kong stacks up against other popular kamados like the Big Green Egg? Watch our Grilla Kong vs. Big Green Egg rundown and see why the Kong is king.

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