Weeknight Cooking: Can Grilla Grills Be Used?

You Don’t Have to Be a Pro to Use Grilla Grills. It’s Perfect for the Weeknight Chef.

It isn’t hard to emphasize big cooks when you’re using a smoker: whole pigs, huge briskets, rack after rack of ribs. The Silverbac pellet grill can feed an army, the Grilla smoker grill can be loaded up …heck, even the Kong kamado grill can do some major work. But that doesn’t mean Grilla Grills weren’t also built for smaller, weeknight meals. It isn’t about quantity – it’s about quality and flavor.

The Silverbac, Grilla or Kong can be used just like a standard grill to do hot dogs and hamburgers as well as steaks. But if they can do the same things as a gas grill can, why choose Grilla? Well, first and foremost, it’s the quality. Our smoker grills are strong, sturdy and they look kind of cool too. They’re made to last for the big cooks, so you know your backyard beauty can handle a couple of hamburgers as well. And speaking of burgers, we’ve got a fan-favorite cheeseburger recipe that’s perfect for a family of four.

The versatility of a Grilla Grill is also a plus. While you may purchase your grill for cooking, you could smoke on it as well. Get out of your comfort zone and spend a weekend smoking a brisket or ribs. See all of our recipes to choose from here.

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The Pellet Grill Flavor Difference

The flavor that comes with a wood pellet grill is something gas grills lack. So even if you’re just quickly whipping up a few hot dogs or a couple of steaks, they’re going to be packed with intense smoke, heat and flavor. Your family will be blown away by the smoky flavor, noticing the difference.

If you wind up grilling up a little extra, don’t forget you can reuse your leftovers for a weekday lunch. Slice up your grilled steak or chicken and stuff them in a tortilla wrap, or toss them in a salad.

Here’s a tip for getting the most flavor out of a weeknight dinner. Bring home the meat you plan to cook up the next day and give it a mix of your favorite seasonings beforehand. Spread around a rub or apply a thick coat of sauce, then preserve it in your fridge overnight. Every good cook knows that patience is key for a great marinade, so the next evening, you’ll be all set to fire up the grill and toss the meat onto the rack right away.

Weeknight Grilling Done Right

With a Grilla Grill, you can reach smoked perfection in your food even on a busy weeknight. There’s no need to cut corners and settle for a usual dinner just because time is short. Even an ordinary roast chicken can get a big lift in flavor by firing up your grill instead of the oven.

In fact, I actually cooked a Porterhouse and T-Bone on the Silverbac this weekend and they were awesome. I cooked them at 220 degrees for an hour or so until the steak temperature was around 115 internally, then removed the steaks and turned the grill up to 450. Fifteen minutes later, when it was up to temp, I put the steaks back on and turned them four times at 2 minutes each flip.

Don’t discount your need for a smoker or its ability to be used regularly for weeknight cooking. No matter what you’re cooking and when, you deserve the best.

Tell us your family’s favorite meal for weeknight grilling by submitting a recipe to us. We might try it a night ourselves and publish it to our website. If you’re looking for more ideas, connect with all of the Grilla fans out there by checking our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Post Updated March 2021

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