Valentine’s Day Dinner Grilling Recipes for Two

Valentine’s Day is often associated with flowers, chocolates and all things sweet, but why not try adding some spice to this year’s meal by grilling up a valentine’s barbecue?

Nothing says “I love you” like a perfectly grilled Valentine’s Day meal for two. Grilling is a great way to pack a punch of flavor into every bite, and with our recipes, you can create an elegant meal that will be both romantic and delicious — and you can enjoy it right from the comfort of your own home.

Not only will your special someone appreciate it, but you will too!

Valentine’s Day. Arguably the cheesiest of the Hallmark holidays, but celebration-worthy nonetheless. This upcoming Valentine’s Day, go the extra mile and demonstrate how much you value the special someone in your life. What better way to do this than with a home-cooked meal?

Valentine’s Day is all about the love. Who loves waiting in restaurant lines and overpaying for a mediocre glass of wine? Think about the cost of all of the usual exchanges on February 14th:

  • Valentines Day Card: $4
  • Box of fancy chocolates: $20
  • Bouquet of flowers: $30

And we’re not even considering the price of two meals at a fine-dining restaurant on top of that. After all, there’s something even better on the table — the priceless time you could spend cooking dinner together at home.

What your loved one really wants is your time and affection and to know that you care. Taking the time to plan, prep and cook a meal for your significant other not only shows them that you truly put some thought into the gesture, but gives it the personal touch they wish for. Anyone can buy flowers and jewelry, but not everyone can cook the same steak that you shared on your first date together. You know your special someone’s favorite dish, and it’s not always on the menu.

While being catered to and cooked for is always a treat, cooking together also makes for an excellent date night activity. There is something incredibly romantic about staying in and making the ordinary task of cooking dinner into a special event.

And, get this: you don’t even have to be a good cook to make your dish taste amazing. Grilla Grills wood pellet smokers are super simple and give food the perfect smoky flavor for your meat or sides. Because one of our grills can control the temperature for perfect consistency, you can let it do the hard work while you find a little time to spread out the tablecloth and light the candles.

Valentine’s Day Grilling Ideas

If you don’t have something in mind already, we have a few favorite valentine recipes for two that will be sure to impress whoever warms up your life. Our Valentine’s Day romantic dinner ideas combine the elegance of a nice meal with the delicious barbecue flavor you know best. You and your valentine are sure to appreciate the outcome!

Try these three dinner date recipes, and get ready for your Valentine’s Day grilling to become a yearly tradition.

1. Grilled Filet Mignon

ou can grill up the perfect steak at home without the five-star restaurant. A filet mignon is a classic romantic meal, and you can cook your own the right way this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re already a fan of filet mignon, be prepared to love it even more when you make it with Grilla Grills. This recipe uses a Silverbac grill and a mix of seasonings to liven up your cuts of meat. Add a hint of smoky flavor with your favorite wood pellets.

2. Balsamic Soy Flank Steak

Skip the wait and the crowds and enjoy a restaurant-quality meal at home with our balsamic soy flank steak recipe.

Flank steak is so versatile that you can cut it up and pair it easily with your favorite side dishes, such as potatoes, grilled veggies or a fresh salad. We recommend a Kong kamado for this juicy, lean recipe. You and your valentine will definitely be swooning once you’ve tried this dish.

3. BBQ Salmon with Bourbon Glaze

Try something more refined for your Valentine’s Day feast without compromising flavor. With our recipe, your salmon will be anything but flavorless.

Seafood goes great on a Grilla Grill. A smoked salmon is a perfect opportunity to swap out the steak sauce and make your own bourbon glaze.

Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Meal for Two

We’ll at least admit it ourselves. The only downside to using a Grilla Grill for preparing your Valentine’s Day dinner is that you won’t be able to keep it a surprise. The delicious smell of smoke will give it away, but don’t let that stop you.

Be sure to fire up your grill come February 14th and give your date a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget. To add even more romance to your grilled meal, top your dish with a garnish and light a few candles.

See all of our recipes for more ideas — and please, from the bottom of our hearts, if you cooked up something unique on a Grilla Grill, jot down your ingredients and steps and share the recipe with us!

Trust Grilla Grills for Your All Your Valentine’s Day BBQ Needs

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