Summertime Grilling: Recipes for July


July, the mid-point of summer, when home-grown produce is at its peak. (Support your local farmers’ markets when you can for the freshest fruits and vegetables.) It’s the perfect time to put your grill or smoker through its paces. Not only can you add new recipes to your repertoire, but your indoor kitchen stays nice and cool while you move meal preparation outdoors. That’s where the family wants to be, anyway! And don’t forget to watch Steven’s latest show, the exciting and inspiring Planet Barbecue, airing now on American Public Television. Check your local station for times. Here are some amazing recipes for July.

Recipes for July


Sangria comes from one of the world’s great grill cultures, Spain. While We’ve never seen anyone grill this refreshing wine cooler in the land of paella and chuletón, we think you’ll find the Project Fire version as spectacular to make and serve as it is to drink. In a nutshell, you crust the citrus fruits with sugar, then caramelize them over a hot fire before adding the wine. The resulting smoky burnt sugar flavor takes this sangria into the stratosphere.

Grilled Sangria - Recipes for July

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Jalapeño poppers (sometimes called “armadillo eggs”) have been on the American party scene since 1972. Time for an upgrade? We think so. How about peppers stuffed with tangy goat cheese, accented with honey—or better yet, the “hot” honey that’s become so popular.

Duck Wings with Asian Seasonings

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We’ve always loved this dish. After all, what could be less likely fare for the grill or smoker than soup? Especially when that soup is that quintessential summertime refresher: gazpacho. Born in Spain, this explosively flavorful soup combines ripe tomatoes, fragrant bell peppers, crisp cucumber, and pungent garlic, sharpened with vinegar and soothed with olive oil, then churned to a creamy puree in a blender.

Smoked Gazpacho

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Every self-respecting pit master should know how to smoke a brisket. This BBQ Titans’ Brisket features a coffee rub from Fette Sau in Brooklyn, and an espresso barbecue sauce from Franklin’s Barbecue in Austin.

BBQ Titans’ Brisket - Recipes for July

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Johnny Hernandez may be the busiest man in San Antonio. Chef, restaurateur, arts patron, and philanthropist, he presides over an empire that includes 11 restaurants, a stone-ground tortilla factory, and yes, a fleet of La Gloria Margarita trucks. He recently joined Steven on the set of Planet Barbecue to demonstrate one of his favorite dishes: Pork marinated in adobo (dried chili paste), grilled over a hot fire, and served in tacos—it’s Mexican comfort food at its best.

Carne Enchilada - July Recipes

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Recently featured on Steven’s latest show, Planet Barbecue on PBS, jerk is Jamaica’s national dish, not to mention its most important contribution to world barbecue. Born with the Maroons, runaway enslaved in Jamaica’s highlands, it features nutmeg, allspice, and other tropical spices; tongue torturing doses of Scotch bonnet chiles; and rum and salt– originally added as a preservative. The final defining ingredient is the fragrant smoke of pimiento (allspice wood). If you don’t have the latter, toss a handful of allspice berries on the coals or add to your gas grill’s smoker box.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

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Most people come to Two Bros. BBQ Market for the pitch-perfect Texas brisket. Steven was there for a dish you’d expect to find in Kansas City: cherry-glazed ribs. The two brothers in question are Jason and Jake Dady, and despite their classical culinary training, the Dadys can spice and smoke with the best of them. These succulent, smoky ribs have just a hint of cherry sweetness—they’re worth a trip to this San Antonio landmark just by themselves.

Two Bros BBQ Market Ribs

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For an unexpected but satisfying finale for your summertime ‘que, assemble a batch of dessert quesadillas. Your guests will love the combination of sugar, cinnamon, bananas, and indulgent, caramel-like dulce de leche. Assemble the quesadillas ahead of time, if desired. Great with a scoop of ice cream, too!

Dessert Quesadillas - Recipes for July

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