Savoring March: 8 Grilled Recipes to Welcome the Transition


Yes, you’ll have to wait until March 27 for National World Whisky Day (spelled “whiskey” in the U.S.). But in the interim, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the month. March is usually a little cruel—early-blooming daffodils, their yellow heads bowed by spring snows, come to mind. But there are often enough warmish days to draw you outside to your grill. You know you’ve missed it. Here are recipes to help you straddle spring and early summer.

8 Grilling Recipes for March

1. Mezcalini

One of our favorite cocktails, the Mezcalini can be made by the pitcher, and is the perfect drink to make for friends interested in watching the basketball games that comprise “March Madness.”

Mezcalini - Grilling Recipes for March

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2. Yakitori Like They Make in Japan

There must be a thousand restaurants in Tokyo like the Izakaya-Tamotsu near the train station in the Chiyoda-Ku ward: eight stools lined up at an L-shape counter; two rickety tables with beer crates for chairs outdoors. This rough-and-tumble yakitori parlor serves up every imaginable cut of grilled chicken, from the leg, wing, neck, and skin to the liver, gizzard, heart, and embryonic eggs—and a great deal more, including asparagus and ginkgo nuts, tiny sweet potatoes, and eggplant topped with shaved bonito flakes. All this comes from a closet-size kitchen dominated by a charcoal grill barely the width of a single skewer. But the real treasure here is the pot of tare (yakitori sauce) that has been simmering uninterrupted and building flavor for years.


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5. Tex-Mex Turkey Burgers

The turkey burger arose in an effort to enjoy the lusciousness of a hamburger with the clean conscience that comes with eating low-cholesterol and low-fat meat. These turkey burgers light up your mouth with chile powder, jalapeño pepper, and cilantro. In keeping with the Tex-Mex theme, serve the burgers on flour tortillas along with avocado and slivered jicama.


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8. Planet Barbecue Banana Split

It’s a little-known fact, but Steven has quite a sweet tooth. (And keep crisped chicken skin away from him, too.) But these wood fired banana splits will grab anyone’s attention.

Planet Barbecue Banana Split

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