Quality and Precision in Every Blade: The HORL2 Knife Sharpener


Nobody wants to sharpen knives, but everybody wants a sharp knife.”

–Timo Horl

From the Black Forest of Germany comes one of the most innovative, fail-proof knife sharpeners we’ve encountered. But like many remarkable ideas, this one had humble beginnings. Puttering in the basement of their family home in 2014, Otmar Horl, a mechanical engineer, and his son, Timo, a graphic designer, discovered a box containing the remnants of one of Otmar’s discarded projects—knife sharpening equipment. The duo recognized the potential, and within two years, their company, HORL, was up and running. Today, their handsome well-engineered knife sharpeners are sold in 20 countries.

The Precision and Passion Behind the HORL2 Sharpener

When it comes to the culinary world, the importance of a sharp knife cannot be overstated for professional or home cooks. (Though it seems counterintuitive, dull knives are more dangerous than sharp knives, and are difficult to work with. Try slicing a fresh tomato with a dull blade. Not pretty.) But have you ever wondered what makes a knife sharpener truly exceptional? The answer lies in the precision of the sharpening angle of the blade to the sharpener’s surface, and the quality of the tool. Enter the HORL2 sharpener, a product of passion, tenacity, and precision.

HORL 2 Sharpener set

The Significance of a Stable Angle

A knife’s sharpness is not just about how finely its blade is ground but also about the consistency of that grind. A stable sharpening angle ensures that the entire length of the blade is uniformly sharpened, leading to a knife that not only cuts efficiently but also lasts longer. Inconsistent angles can lead to dings in the blade and uneven wear and tear, reducing the lifespan of your favorite (and perhaps expensive!) knives.

HORL 2 Sharpener

Versatility in Sharpening

The HORL2 isn’t just a one-size-fits-all tool. It is designed to accommodate the diversity of knives, from the robust outdoor knives to delicate sushi knives. With interchangeable grinding discs and a Magnetic Angle Support, it offers a 15° angle for that razor-sharp edge and a 20° angle for a more durable blade, ensuring every knife gets the treatment it needs and deserves.

How Does the HORL2 Work?

At its core, the HORL2 combines diamond and ceramic discs to cater to knives of any hardness. The diamond grinding disc meticulously sharpens the blade, while the ceramic honing disc refines and “trues” it. With the added benefit of the Magnetic Angle Support (included), your knife is held securely, ensuring a consistent and even sharpening process. The company’s helpful brochure and online videos guide you through the process. (We loved their trick of using a Sharpie to track your progress.)

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

It’s not just about sharpening; it’s about doing it with unparalleled quality and consistency. The HORL2 sharpener undergoes more than 30 quality inspections, a testament to its premium build and design. Learn more about the meticulous quality checks here. We are impressed with this entrepreneurial family’s commitment to functionality and design.

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