Outrageously Good Pastrami Bacon Recipes

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Ah, pastrami.   How do I love thee?   Let me count the ways.    I love thee with mustard on rye bread.   I love thee with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on a Reuben sandwich.   I love thee on a cheeseburger—but only when I’m in Utah where this sandwich has a cult following.

The only way I could love thee more would be with my other favorite cured smoked food: bacon.

Well, now you can have the peppery, garlicky, coriander tang of pastrami with the smoky pork belly richness of bacon in my latest creation: Planet Barbecue™ pastrami-style bacon.

You read that right: pastrami bacon.   Pork belly cured with salt and celery seed (no artificial nitrites here), rubbed with pastrami spices, and slow smoked over hardwood.   The result: bacon like you’ve never tasted before.

So how can you enjoy my pastrami bacon?    Again, let me count the ways:

Pastrami Bacon Recipes

*And speaking of sandwiches, check out our BLT, made with avocado and, you guessed it, pastrami bacon.

Planet Barbecue Pastrami Bacon

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If bacon makes everything taste better, just imagine what my pastrami bacon can do.

Available online at Crowd Cow.


P.S.   Show me how my pastrami bacon helps YOU up your game at the grill.   Post a photo of your creation on my Instagram page (@stevenraichlen) by October 25.   The winner will get a prize.

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