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Growing up in Southern California, I don’t have much experience with Tailgating parties. Truth be told, I don’t have ANY experience. I lived in the San Fernando Valley and at the time, LA didn’t have a football team. Going to a sports event whether it be baseball or hockey (my favorite sport), we just showed up, and I never noticed any kind of tailgating parties. I’m sure they happened. Maybe at USC or UCLA games, but I never went to those. To me, it just didn’t seem like LA is much of a sports town. Nobody seemed to care unless the team was winning. Admittedly, I’m not really a sports guy and maybe I never noticed.

Three years ago, my family and I moved across the country to Raleigh, North Carolina. Right off the bat I could tell that when it comes to sports, the scene here is much different. The people here tailgate! Not only in the parking lot of the PNC Arena, but in the neighborhoods as well. I thought now is a good time as ever to start getting into tailgating. I’m a huge fan of the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team and It looks like a lot of fun.

Lucky for me, I happen to be the website producer for BarbecueBible.com and work with Steven Raichlen directly on creating content for this website. In doing my own research I found a plethora of articles right here to get me started. I found these articles extremely helpful and I hope you do as well.

Top 5 Tailgating Articles

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