New Flavors Will Invigorate Your Fall Grilling

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When Steven Raichlen is curating your grilling and smoking flavors, you can’t go wrong.


Just in time for cooler weather, Steven has assembled a package that will help you achieve the ultimate live-fire experience. He’s included in this handsome box his favorite products, including:

Three soulful seasoning rubs showcasing some of America’s boldest regional barbecuing styles:

  • Santa Fe Coffee Rub: Coffee, cumin, and chiles are among the ingredients that give this masterful spice blend authentic Southwestern flavors. Fantastic with beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and even vegetables, this seasoning will become one of your go-tos.
  • Kansas City Smoke Rub: KC pit masters favor good balance between sweet and spicy, and this rub does just that. Burnt ends, pork ribs, chicken, corn—you’ll find yourself reaching for it every time you light the coals or fire up your smoker.
  • Carolina Pit Powder: Carolina pulled pork demands an aromatic blend of paprika, pepper, garlic, and brown sugar. Think spice plus sweetness that goes equally well with chicken, turkey, ribs, and more.

A pair of aromatic Cedar Grilling Planks: Plank cooking has been part of the American grilling and smoking experience for hundreds of years. Some food historians credit the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest for the idea of cooking directly on wood, while others suggest it originated in the Northeast. In any case, planking imparts great flavor to foods like salmon, arctic char, trout, and other fish, as well as chicken, cheese, vegetables, and even fruit. Some pit masters soak their planks in water or flavorful liquids before grilling, but for more complex flavors, Steven likes to char the plank slightly before loading it with food. And the presentation is killer! You’ll enjoy experimenting with these grilling planks. Recipes included.

(3) Smoke-in-a-Can: Whether you grill over charcoal or gas, there are times when you’ll want an extra dose of smoky flavor on your food. Ingenious Smoke-in-a-Can can help. Simply remove the label, light them, and enjoy nearly an hour’s worth of smoke on ribs, chicken, beef, cheese, fish, or vegetables.

Hickory Wood Chips: Hickory wood is one of America’s favorite grilling woods, especially popular in the Carolinas, where no self-respecting pit master would be without it. Soak the chips in water or a flavorful liquid for longer-lasting smoke on slow-cooked foods, or leave unsoaked for quick-quicking foods like shrimp, chicken breasts, etc. High-quality wood sourced from Europe.

Cedar Wraps: Thin, pliant sheets of cedar can impart subtle smoke flavors to individual portions of salmon, cheese, asparagus, and other foods. Fun and sophisticated. Recipes included.

Makes a great gift!

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