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Steak. Few other words in the English language have such power to make our hearts beat faster and our mouths water than sizzling slabs of sanguine beef seared over live fire. Now, imagine having three luscious, perfectly grilled, lust-worthy steaks from one of our favorite suppliers in front of you. A “flight,” so to speak. (As in a flight of whiskey or wine.) From the incomparable Holy Grail Steak company.

In my latest blog “Give An Unforgettable Experience Of Wagyu Strip Steak” I wrote about how special the gourmet in your family would feel if you sent them an A5 Ogata Wagyu beef strip steak. Here are some additional last-minute ideas that will leave your special someone excited and full. The Holy Grail Steak company sent me a trio of gift-worthy steaks that are delicious, affordable, and easy to cook.

They included the Santa Carota Beef Zabuton top sirloin steak, Santa Carota Prestige beef hibachi steak, and the Santa Carota Prestige beef chuck eye steak. The cattle for Santa Carota Prestige steaks from Holy Grail Steak are grass-fed and carrot-finished. The carrots infuse the meat with added vitamins and minerals, including B12 and beta-carotene. The meat is always hormone- and gluten-free, non-GMA, antibiotic-free, and organically raised.

Flight of Steak

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Flight of Steak

Here is how I prepared each of the steaks. The top sirloin was seasoned with a rub that consisted of kosher salt, freshly cracked black pepper, and dried mushroom powder. Due to the thickness of the top sirloin, I reverse-seared it in the Big Green Egg XL (BGE). The top sirloin smoked for 30 mins at 250 degrees until it reached 110 degrees. While the top sirloin rested, I removed the diffuser plate and set up the BGE for direct grilling. I inserted a cast iron grill grate on one side and a plancha on the other.

Steaks with Salt and Pepper

I planned to cook the hibachi steak on the plancha to try and replicate the hibachi cook top in a Japanese steak house. The hibachi steak was seasoned with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. I felt the cast iron grates would create a crust on the chuck eye steak and be perfect to finish the top sirloin. The chuck steak was seasoned with Steven Raichlen’s Malabar spice rub.

The top sirloin was finished by searing it for three minutes on each side. The chuck steak only required three and half minutes a side. The hibachi steaks seared on the plancha and were done after three minutes a side. I was aiming for medium-rare with the steaks. Increase cooking times if you like your steaks more done. It was a challenge to get three different cuts of steak to done at the same time.

Steaks on the Grill

All the steaks rested on a wire rack over a sheet pan. The wire rack helps maintain the crusty exterior of the steak while it rests. Do not skip the resting step or your cutting board will be juicy and your steak will be dry.

The Results

The results of the chuck eye steak were a pleasant surprise since I had never cooked a chuck eye steak. The cast iron grate and the spice rub created a crust on the outside of the steak. Due the marbling in the steak it was tender and juicy. It reminded me of a ribeye steak. The balance of tender steak and crusty exterior created the perfect flavorful bite.

Flight of Steak

The hibachi steak quickly developed a crusty exterior once it hit the plancha. The exterior had the appearance of a steak cooked over an open fire, rather than on a flat top in a Japanese steak house, which I enjoyed. Due to the quick sear from the plancha the inside of the steak remained tender and juicy like you would expect from a strip steak.

The top sirloin had a great smoky aroma due to the initial smoking process. It even developed a smoke ring. Due to the combination of the seasonings and the searing capabilities of the cast iron grate the top sirloin developed a flavorful exterior. The top sirloin had a delicious beef flavor, and it was tender like a filet.

All three of these steaks had unique characteristics, but all three were delicious and will make a great gift. Send one, more than one, or all three of these delicious steaks from the Holy Grail Steak company to the barbecue enthusiast in your life and they will be psyched!

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