How to Get Your Grill Ready for Spring

If you’re like us, the smell of smoking meat is as much a part of your spring as the smell of new flowers, rain showers or cool breezes! Even if you kept grilling through the winter, there’s often something about spring that makes you want to shine up your setup for the coming outdoor fun. These seven tips will help you get your grill in great shape for cookouts, BBQ competitions and all of the other good times that warmer weather brings. 

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1. Scrub gunk and grime off your grill grates.

Grimy grates can leave gross residue on your food, and they also make it more likely that food will stick to the grates. (Goodbye, perfect burger patty!) Thus, giving your grates a good scrub is one of the most important ways to get the grilling season started right. For most people, firing up the grill and scrubbing the grates once they’re warm is enough to remove the gunk. Skip the wire bristle brush, as they can leave behind metal shards, and get the Grilla Grills coiled wire brush instead. A vinegar and water solution in a spray bottle can be helpful, too. Finally, if your grates are stainless steel (like Grilla Grills grates are), you can even put them in the dishwasher when they’re cold!

2. Clean out your firebox and grease trap.

If your grill burns any fuel other than gas, you’ll need to clean out any ash that’s accumulated in the grill’s firebox while it’s cold. Fortunately, pellet grills and kamado grills with lump charcoal both burn less ash than standard charcoal grills. We recommend a wet/dry vacuum for getting ashes out with minimal effort. Your grill’s grease trap also might need to be emptied (again, while it’s cold). Dump the grease tray in the trash and give it a good scrub-down with soap, water and a non-abrasive cleaning pad. If you’ve got stuck-on grease, use a putty knife to scrape it off. 

3. Make sure you’re stocked up on fuel. 

Check how much fuel you have available for your grill and stock up if you need to. If you’re down to your last propane tank, bag of charcoal or bag of wood pellets, take the opportunity to order some more. Before adding pellets to your pellet grill hopper, or if pellets are already in there, make sure to check the pellets’ condition. The easiest way to do this is to try snapping a few in half. If they don’t snap crisply or they feel damp, they’ve probably taken on moisture and need to be thrown away. 

silverbac grill with ribs cooking

4. Check your smart grill’s WiFi connection.

Are you the proud owner of a WiFi pellet grill, like the Grilla Silverbac with Alpha Connect? If so, spring cleaning is a great time to make sure that everything’s in working order. Fire up your grill, make sure that it connects to your WiFi and verify that any app-based controls are working correctly. Remember that the Grilla Grills Alpha Connect controller needs to be on a 2.4 GHz WiFi network!

5. Wash your grill cover.

It’s a good idea to occasionally wash your grill cover, and you might as well get it done while you’re cleaning the grill. The simplest way is just to remove the cover from the grill and hose the cover down! If your cover is seriously dirty, Grilla Grills covers are also machine-washable. First, check that your washing machine can handle big pieces of heavy fabrics and then put it in by itself on a heavy duty cycle using your normal detergent. 

6. Get all of your grill accessories together.

You’ve probably got some must-have grill accessories that allow you to find your grilling workflow. Make sure you’ve got them at the ready and that they’re in good shape! For most people, your grill kit will include some or all of the following:

7. Think about whether it’s time to upgrade your patio setup.

Spring is also the time when many people start home improvement projects. Been thinking of an outdoor kitchen or other patio upgrade that will wow the neighborhood? Now is the time to start planning! Grilla Grills has made it insanely easy to get the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with our outdoor kitchen kits. These modular all-in-one luxury island kitchens are built to fit your Grilla Grill perfectly and give you all the work space you need. Create your perfect setup — with premium options like a sink and mini fridge — for a fraction of the cost and hassle of a full outdoor kitchen build. 

Shop Our Grill Accessories for Every Pitmaster

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Now there’s only one thing left to do — plan the first cookout of the season! Get some inspiration smoking with our treasure trove of pellet grill recipes or browse all of our grill accessories to get your pitmaster toolbox ready for grilling season. 

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