How to Buy a Grill from Grilla

From Purchase to Patio How to Buy a Grill from Grilla

Choosing the BBQ grill of your dreams is important, but it’s also just one part of the story. Have you thought about the shipping cost of your grill, or whether you want to pay cash or finance? That’s right — the low-key but critical parts of buying a grill that you might not think about until you hit them.

Our goal at Grilla Grills is to make it easy for our customers to get a professional-quality grill at an unbeatable value. Since Grilla sells directly to our customers, our process works a little differently than most other grill companies. Today, we’re going to talk about the entire process of buying a Grilla grill, from shopping to shipping to setup! 

1. Choose a grill that fits your lifestyle and your cooking style.

We cover all of the juicy details on our grill types and the decision process in our ultimate guide to grill buying. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the factors that you’ll need to take into account: 

some of the factors that you’ll need to take into account

We’ve designed our lineup of Grilla Grills to offer something for almost everyone. Competition BBQ chefs and backyard grillers alike can all find a grill to love! Check out these quick hits from our selection of smokers and grills: 

  • Are you all about entertaining and cooking for the crowd? The Silverbac pellet grill offers our largest cooking surface at 692 inches, closely followed by the Kong kamado grill at 643 inches. Even our smallest model, the Chimp, offers a roomy 460 inches of space. 
  • For someone who loves hitting up tailgates and BBQ competitions, the compact Chimp or the rugged Silverbac AT are ideal choices. These grills are built for the road, but they come fully loaded with the same great features as patio models.
  • Looking for the rich, slow-cooked flavors of smoked meat? Grilla pellet grills all perform exceptionally well as pellet smokers. They’re perfect for providing the steady, even heat that you need for low and slow smoking.
  • Our WiFi pellet grills are equipped with our cutting-edge Alpha Connect wireless control system. Once it’s set up, you’ll have instant control over your grill’s temperature settings through the Alpha Connect app! A built-in meat probe monitors the internal temperature of your meat, and it’s simple to set up alerts if the temperature gets too low or high.

Take your time with the decision process. Just like when you’re smoking meat, rushing is the last thing you want to do! Visit the whole zoo’s worth of Grilla Grills to see everything we have to offer. We’re confident that the value you’ll get from a Grilla is leaps and bounds beyond what anyone else offers.

Explore Premium Kamado Grill Options

2. Make sure that your space is suitable for the grill you want to buy.

Before you pull the trigger on your new grill, think through the space considerations. For safety and convenience, make sure you’ve taken these into account:

open grill cooking

  • Don’t plan to use your grill in any type of enclosed space. Any grill, no matter the type of fuel, should only be used outside. That’s because all grills emit carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas that can kill when it builds up in a confined environment. 
  • To prevent fire hazards, your grill should be well away from the walls and overhangs of your home. Don’t place it near flammable objects like furniture or plants, either. The grill should be somewhere with enough space that it won’t get bumped by accident, especially by kids or pets.
  • Remember that pellet grills require electricity, so make sure there’s an outlet available to plug your pellet grill into if you go that route. If you want to fuel your Primate gas grill with natural gas, learn if there’s a gas line available.
  • If you prefer gas grills, then the Primate gas grill and griddle could work for you. You can even run the grill with natural gas, if you’ve already got a line available.
  • Planning on purchasing a grill that will travel with you to camping trips, tailgates or BBQ competitions? The Chimp is perfect for you then with legs that fold up for travel or tailgating. Need more space on the go, then check out an All-Terrain cart for a Silverbac or Kong. 

See the rest of our grilling safety tips for more about how to position and use your grill safely. 

3. Accessorize your grill just how you like it.

Customizing your grill with awesome accessories is part of the fun of buying a grill! Some of the accessories that our customers love the most include:

Grill Covers Custom Made

  • Jerky Rack: A massive multi-tiered extension rack to give your wings all the elbow room they need. Add hundreds of inches of space to your Chimp, Silverbac or Grilla.
  • Grill Covers: Protect your grill from the elements with a high quality weatherproof grill cover. Custom made for each of our grills.
  • Pizza Stone: Grill up a perfect pizza on this baking stone for our pellet and kamado grills
  • Front Shelf: Turn your grill into an all-in-one kitchen workspace with a front shelf for tools, sauces, veggie chopping or anything else. Great for the Silverbac and Chimp!
  • Grill Grate: Make your Pellet Grill the ideal searing machine with these stainless steel grill grates.

Note that many of our accessories are compatible with a specific model of grill, so make sure you’re buying the right ones! To make things easy, every grill has an option to add accessories before you add it to your cart.

4. Decide if you’d like to buy your grill in cash or finance it. 

A grill is a big purchase, so it’s important to think about how you want to pay for it. For many people, paying upfront “in cash” (usually meaning a debit or credit card) is the way to go. It’s simple, it’s direct and if you have a rewards credit card that you use for large purchases, buying a grill is the perfect time to use it. 

jungle direct financing

On the other hand, our jungle direct financing is also a great option! Grilla Grills works with Affirm Financing to give our customers secure and affordable financing options for our grills. These simple installment payments can help you fit the purchase into your monthly budget smoothly.

We also know how annoying long application processes are, so we made sure that this isn’t one of them! Affirm can have you approved in minutes. All you’ll need to do is submit some basic personal info. There are no hidden fees attached, and you’ll be able to choose a payment schedule that works for you. 

Smoke Smarter with a WiFi Pellet Grill

wifi pellet grill

5. Place your order.

Most of our customers choose to use our easy online ordering. A big reason why: All Grilla Grills ship FREE to the contiguous 48 states! Compare that with the $100 or more that you’ll often pay in shipping from other grill manufacturers. You can also choose to pick up your order in one of our showrooms, which we’ll talk about more in the next section.

Can you head over to a big box retailer and buy a Grilla? NO! Grilla Grills are available exclusively in our showrooms and online. We’ve chosen to sell directly to our customers, rather than putting our grills in the chain outdoor and hardware retailers. 

Why? Because we want to sell grills at a fair price and focus on making a genuinely awesome product! By cutting out the middlemen, we give our customers a better price, a better grill and a better sales experience. 

Big retailers sell everything at a substantial markup and aren’t focused on customer value. You’re also unlikely to get much detailed help or support from the staff at a big box retailer. Who knows if the bored teenager behind the counter will even know what they’re talking about? Read some reviews of our customer service and ask yourself if you’d get that level of personal attention from a chain retailer. 

6. Choose whether to pick up your grill or have it shipped to you. 

Here’s where the rubber meets the road — or, as we might say, where the heat meets the meat. It’s time to figure out how the grill you’re buying will get from its current location to your home. Since we haven’t mastered the art of grill teleportation, your choice will be either picking it up in person or getting it shipped to you.

We invite you to stop by our showrooms in Texas and Michigan to pick up any Grilla model in person! You’ll get the satisfaction of bringing your grill home the same day, but often we’ll also throw in a pick-up special that can include sauces, t-shirts and more! We also love to talk shop and swap tips with other pitmasters, so if you’ve been dying to tell someone about your brisket breakthrough, we’re all ears.

That said, we know pickup isn’t a practical option for everyone. Having your grill shipped via the mail might not give you the same instant gratification, but it’s an easy and efficient way to get your grill to you. Submit your order, distract yourself for a few days by reading BBQ recipes, and then it’s there! 

FREE shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states

In most cases, shipping time for a Grilla Grill is seven to 10 business days. Once again, we’d like to remind you about our FREE shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states with any grill purchase! (We also have options for shipping to Canada. Click here to learn more.) 

7. Set up your grill. 

The big day is here — your grill is home at last, and you’re just itching to fire it up. We know it takes some patience, but there are a few things to do first! Here are a few rules of thumb for getting your Grilla Grill set up and working great: 

  • See our virtual toolbox kits to get started quickly with your new Grilla Grill. Each toolbox includes videos, a digital manual, FAQs and more.
  • Your grill needs to be assembled, so grab a friend to help you put it together. Grilla Grills are designed to assemble easily, but we’ve got step-by-step assembly videos to guide you just in case.
  • You’ll need to season your grill before cooking on it for the first time. This process works differently depending on your grill type, so see our guide to seasoning a grill to learn how to season your Grilla Grills model. 
  • If you’re converting your Primate gas grill to natural gas, you’ll need a professional to install it. Calling your plumber is a good start, as many plumbers also offer gas line services. 
  • Check out all of our mouth-watering pellet grill recipes for inspiration on how to break in your new grill in style! 

Don’t hesitate to contact Grilla customer service at any point with questions. We take pride in offering the kind of responsive and friendly customer service that many grill manufacturers aren’t interested in providing. Remember that almost all Grilla grills include a 4-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects! (The Chimp includes a 2-year limited warranty.)

Choose the Perfect Pellet Smoker for Your Patio

Komodo Grill

Ready to enter the jungle? Your finest smoked, grilled, baked and roasted creations are only a few clicks away. Shop the full lineup of Grilla Grills now, and make sure to see our complete grill buyer’s guide to help you make the big decision. 

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