Great Recipes to Grill or Smoke in March


The month of March: “In like a lion, out like a lamb,” the saying goes. While March doesn’t always show a docile face, there are plenty of reasons to fire up your grill or smoker before the first quarter of the year ends. For example, skip the oily Lenten fish fries and head outside to cook over live-fire whatever looks best at the seafood counter. Pick up a bundle of spring asparagus, forage for ramps (those odiferous but terrific crosses between onions and garlic for which the city of Chicago is named) or morel mushrooms, or make plans mid-month for corned beef. Happy Spring!

Recipes to Grill in March

Wood-Grilled Asparagus

Green and upright, it’s delightful to find these spring soldiers at your local market or growing wild. We like to sprinkle them with finely grated Parmesan or chopped hard-cooked eggs when they come off the grill. Great with brunch, lunch, or as an accompaniment to steak or chicken.

Asparagus - Recipes to Grill in March

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Shepherd’s Tacos with Chicken and Green Sauce

Called tacos al pastor, “shepherd’s tacos” were brought to Puebla, Mexico, in the 1930s by Lebanese immigrants. Originally made with lamb roasted on vertical spits, pork became the meat of choice. We like chicken, too. If you don’t have a vertical spit (and most of us don’t), direct grill the marinated chicken, pineapple, and onions directly on your grill grate.

Shepherds Tacos

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Pastrami Bacon BLT

Pastrami bacon was originally created by Billy Durney, the owner of Hometown BBQ in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY. In this recipe, strips of pastrami bacon are used to make the ultimate BLT sandwich.

Pastrami Bacon BLT - Recipes to Grill in March

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Rack of Lamb in Mustard Crust

Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or simply the arrival of Spring, make rack of lamb the centerpiece of your table. It’s not only tender, flavorful, and versatile, but it’s the perfect size for small family gatherings.

Rack Of Lamb

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Spit-Roasted Pork Paprikas

Pork loin is one of the best bargains at the meat counter these days, often available for less than $2.00 per pound (and there’s almost no waste). Stuff it with kielbasa and onions and spit-roast it (or indirect grill), and you’ll have a feast! Makes great sandwiches, too.

Pork Shoulder Paprikash With Icicle Radish Salad

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