From the Stove to the Grill: The Ultimate Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwich


I was recently sent new cookware from Made In. In addition to their stainless-steel cookware, knives, and bakeware, one of the products Made In is known for is their carbon steel products. The carbon steel line of products includes griddles, fry pans, grill fry pans, paella pans, roasting pan, and woks. Today, I’m going to share how I used the Made In carbon steel griddle to make breakfast on my grill.

The griddle from Made In is durable thanks to its carbon steel construction. The carbon steel griddle has the heat retention capability of cast-iron, but the control and maneuverability of Stainless Clad. It is naturally non-stick. It fits over two burners of a stove for two zone cooking. The griddle can easily travel from your kitchen to your grill.

The carbon steel can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees. The carbon steel also allows you to control and adjust the temperature of the cooking surface, which is not the case with cast-iron. The raised edge of the griddle keeps grease or any liquid from running over on to your stove or grill. The raised handles make it easy to transport.

Made-In Cookware

I have cooked with a cast-iron plancha and cast-iron pans on my grill and know how hot they can get. The high heat of a cast-iron pan is difficult to control and can cause food to burn quickly. I was curious to see if the same thing would happen with the carbon steel griddle.

My wife and I love a great breakfast sandwich. I thought making a sandwich would be a fantastic way to highlight the carbon steel griddle from Made In. In a recent blog, I showcased a sandwich from Steven Raichlen’s book Man Made Meals, so I went back to it to find a breakfast sandwich. On page 99, there it was, the “Chivito.” Uruguay’s amazing steak and egg sandwich.

Making the Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

The sandwich consists of steak, bacon, eggs, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a bun or a roll. All the ingredients for a great breakfast sandwich.

I started by heating up my gas grill. I selected the gas grill since it was my first time using the carbon steel griddle and I felt it would give me the ability to control the temperature. I heated the griddle at the same time, so the temperature of the griddle would come up gradually, rather than throwing it on a blazing hot grill.

Just like when putting together a burger, I like to have all my ingredients out and prepared ahead of time. While the grill and the griddle heated up, I sliced the tomato, and pulled off several large Boston lettuce leaves. I cut one filet mignon steak in half and then pounded it thin. The steak was seasoned simply with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper. I arranged the bacon, the steak, and brioche buns on a sheet pan and took everything to the grill.

Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

I started by cooking the bacon. Once the bacon was crispy, I drained it on a plate lined with a paper towel. Next, the steak was cooked in some of the remaining bacon fat. Since the steak was pounded thin it cooked quickly, just a few minutes per side. The buns were grilled while the bacon was cooked. Next, I cooked the eggs in the remaining bacon fat. Finally, I fried two eggs over easy on the griddle.

The bacon was evenly cooked, and the steak seared nicely. I was surprised the eggs did not stick to the griddle or burn. The raised edge of the griddle kept the bacon fat from dripping into the grill. If you have excessive fat or grease on the griddle, it can be easily drained off due to the raised handles on the griddle. I noticed the fat drained to one side of the griddle due to the slope of my deck. Feel free to level your grill; I leveled my pellet smoker so the fat drains properly.

Made-In Cookware

Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Now it was time to assemble the breakfast sandwiches. I spread mayonnaise on the bottom and top bun. Next, I placed Boston lettuce leaves on the bottom bun and a thin slice of red and yellow heirloom tomato. The tomato was topped with the steak, then smoked Gouda cheese, the bacon slices, and the fried egg.

The Results

Wow, what a sandwich! The steak was seared on the inside, but still tender on the inside as you would expect from a filet. It did not dry out even though it was pounded out thin. The bacon was crispy and smoky. When the egg yolk broke, it created a sauce that brought the whole sandwich together. I thought this would be a heavy sandwich due to the steak and the eggs, but the heirloom tomato produced a freshness to each bite. The lettuce and tomato balanced the richness of the steak and egg in the sandwich. Breakfast cooked on the griddle was a success.

Finished Steak and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Made In also offers a griddle with holes on one side which makes it ideal for cooking over a charcoal or wood fire. So, whether you are cooking breakfast or making smash burgers, cooking inside or out, the carbon steel griddle from Made In is the ideal cookware.

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