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Franks Red Hot Is The Worst Hot Sauce

Ok, that title may be a little misleading. Franks Red Hot is not the worst hot sauce in the world but it certainly isn’t the best.

I was sitting here thinking of making my chicken buffalo dip and as most people do, they use Franks Red Hot as the hot sauce for the dip. I do as well. But I was thinking….Why do I have to use Franks? There are way better hot sauces out there that would be better in the dip. I don’t use Franks for anything else but that dip but that ends now. Reasons Franks is the worst hot sauce….

Its Not Hot

I always compared Franks to red colored water. Red water actually might be hotter. I never understand why some people think its spicy. There is a reason that Franks also has a “hot” version of their sauce. It is because the original version has zero heat.

I Don’t Put That Shit On Anything

Franks slogan is “I put that shit on everything”. I don’t get this slogan because if you put that on anything it doesn’t bring any flavor out the way Tabasco does or even Crystal Hot Sauce. When I taste it I say “what is this nonsense on here?” There is a reason most restaurants have Tobasco over Franks. Its because people want real taste.

I will be using Crystal Hot Sauce from now on for my buffalo dip. Not sure why I never did. I guess that’s one thing Franks is good at….marketing. I wonder what other hot sauces would be good in the dip? I understand not all people want things really spicy like me but there has to be a better way.

Let me know what you guys think of Franks. Is it the worst or the best? Thanks for reading!

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