For the 500 Club, Nothing Satisfies Like Beef

BBQ 500 Club

We are all familiar with the many great ads that used to air on TV with a famous film star who said, “Nothing satisfies like beef.” While we knew they came from the beef lobby in support of the beef industry, with the full marketing weight of Madison Avenue behind them, we were powerless to deny their effect. That statement was true…and the ads worked!

Why else are there BBBQ Clubs out there now that do little more than post photo after photo of beautiful medium-rare cuts of beef on the grill and on the plate? While the 500 Club is much more than that, we recognize the reality that Madison Avenue took advantage of to the fullest extent. People love beef! They love the look of it, the aroma of it… most of all, of course, the taste of it.

There is something very primal about that particular food, more than any other, that elicits a powerful, irresistible, mouthwatering response from virtually everyone. Steven is well aware of this fact of life, and so were the members of the 500 Club with the Fabulous Friday Featured Raichlen Recipes of the Week for March.

Also, We’re thrilled to share that The Barbecue Bible 500 Club has gained some incredible new Hall of Famers all the way from Italy! Our passionate community of grill masters continues to grow globally.

WEEK #26 Caveman T-Bones with Hellfire Hot Sauce – Planet Barbecue

“Somewhere between 2 million and 800,000 years ago, a human ancestor called Homo erectus became the first animal to cook. This recipe pays homage to that first cavemen barbecue-with steaks grilled directly on the embers. Of course, the “wow” factor is off the charts. But there’s a lot more to this dish than mere showmanship. Roasting the steaks on the embers gives the meat a surface charring and smoke flavor you just can’t duplicate on a conventional grill. To that add a sizzling sauce of pan-fried jalapeños, cilantro, and garlic, and you’ve got T-bone that roar off the plate with flavor-guaranteed to awaken the caveman in all of us.”

Caveman T-Bone Steak

WEEK #27 Buenos Aires Garlic Butter Beef Roulades – Planet Barbecue

“Overkill as only Argentineans know how to do it – Imagine if chicken Kiev had originated not in the Ukraine, but in Buenos Aires. The chicken would be beef; it would be grilled instead of deep-fried; and chances are it would be served on a skewer. Well, such a dish exists at the hyper-popular restaurant La Cabrera in the trendy Palermo district of Buenos Aires. The butter helps moisten an intrinsically lean cut of beef, like tenderloin while adding an insidiously good flavor of its own.”

Buenos Aires Garlic Butter Beef Roulades

WEEK #28 Hanger Steak with Cutting Board Sauce – Project Fire

“Onglet (as the French call hanger steak) was a staple of my student days in Paris. It was cheap, filling, and full of flavor. I ate it at a bistro near the rue Cler market (this was back before bistros became chic), and in lieu of sauce, it came with a little crock of Dijon mustard. Mustard proved to be the perfect condiment for this steak, with its rich beefy flavor. The following hanger steak gets a double blast of mustard flavor: first, in a light brushing of mustard on the steak itself; then in a mustard and caramelized onion sauce.”

Hanger Steak with French Mustard Sauce

WEEK #29 Romanian “Sliders” (Garlicky Grilled Skinless Sausages) – Planet Barbecue

“What do Dracula and mici (pronounced MEE-chee) have in common? Ina a sense, both are defined by garlic. With regard to Dracula, who may have been inspired by a real-life Romanian ruler with the sinister name of Vlad the Impaler, eating massive doses of garlic was considered one of the best ways to wards off the dreaded vampire. With regard to the sausage, when it come to making mici, there’s no such thing as too much garlic. The name of these skinless sausages may mean “small” in Romanian, but their flavor is colossal. And the scent of grilling mici is the smell of summer in Romania.”

Sliders on the Grill

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