Flight of Steaks: A Journey through Two Premium Cuts


We’ve all heard of or tried a flight of wine, beer, whiskey, or bourbon, but have you ever heard of a flight of steaks? A “flight” is a way to sample a selection of wines from a specific region or vineyard and a flight of steak can be from a specific breed of cattle or a specific region in the world. I think a “flight” is a cool way to sample an assortment of steak or wine.

The Holy Grail Steak company set me two steaks to create my “flight” of steaks. Each of these steaks would be a treat by themselves, so to try them both at the same time was an experience any steak lover would crave.

The flight of steaks included Holy Grail Steak’s 30-Day Dry Aged Upper Prime Black Angus Bone In Strip Steak and the Australian Wagyu Ribeye Steak.

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Most Prime steak is lower prime, so the Holy Grail 30-Day Dry Aged Upper Prime Black Angus Bone In Strip Steak is cut above the rest. You will not find a steak of this quality in your grocery store since it is usually reserved for luxury steakhouses. The strip steak will be succulent and juicy due to the marbling and the bone will provide the steak with more beef flavor.

Australia has the largest Japanese cattle production outside of Japan. The Australian cattle consistently produce the highest score on the marbling scale outside of Japan. The Australian Wagyu Ribeye Steak will be melt-in your mouth tender due to superior marbling in the steak.

Flight of Steak from Holy Grail Steaks

Here is how it all came together.

Cooking a Flight of Steaks

Each steak was over an inch thick, and I wanted to each steak to cook evenly, so decided to reverse sear the steaks. I find the reverse sear method is the best way to produce an evenly cooked steak when over and inch think and it adds a smokier flavor to the steak.

I set-up my Big Green Egg XL (BGE) for indirect grilling by leaving the diffuser plates in the BGE. I heated the BGE to 250 degrees and added a few oak chunks to create wood smoke. I placed the two steaks in the BGE, and they smoked for twenty minutes and reached an internal temperature of 105 degrees. I removed the steak from the BGE. I removed one of the diffuser plates so I could direct grill the steaks. I left one diffuser plate in to create a safe zone in case of any flare-ups.

The steaks with seasoned with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper. I kept the seasoning simple since I did not want to mask the flavor of the steaks.

Steaks seasoned up.

I was using the BGE’s cast-iron grates because I wanted to get a nice sear on the steaks. Once the fire and the grates were hot, I placed the steak directly over the fire. The steaks seared for ninety seconds and then I gave each steak a quarter turn and cooked for another ninety seconds. I flipped the steaks and repeated the process. I’m glad a I had the safe zone since there were flare-ups while grilling the steaks.

Flight of steak on the grill

I rested the steak on a wire rack over a sheet pan while I grilled some asparagus to go with the streaks. To create a real steak house experience, I prepared cheesy potato stacks with gruyere and parmesan cheese and fresh thyme to accompany the flight of steaks and asparagus.

I sliced the bone off the strip steak and carved it into even slices. The ribeye was sliced and ready to serve. I recruited the help of my wife and sister to try the “flight” of steaks.

The Results

Each steak has a crusty exterior to cast-iron grates and the seasoning. The seasoning complimented the flavor of each steak. The steaks were evenly cooked due to the reverse searing method.

The strip steak had a more pronounced beef flavor mostly due to the bone. Each bite was tender and juicy. Due to the marbling of the upper prime angus, I felt like I was eating a ribeye.

The Australian Wagyu ribeye was tender, succulent, and juicy as I would expect from a ribeye steak. As I anticipated the ribeye steak was melt-in your moth tender. The ribeye steak also had a great beefy flavor.

I enjoyed the boost of smoke flavor due to the reverse searing method. The crusty exterior and the tender inside of the steaks created a balance of texture in each bite of steak. Both steaks were so tender and flavorful, it became difficult to keep track of which steak we were eating.

Steaks Finished.

The only decision you must make now is whether you try the 30-Day Dry Aged Upper Prime Black Angus Bone In Strip Steak, or the Australian Wagyu Ribeye Steak, or both!

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