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Do you go out or stay home for Valentine’s Day dinner? I prefer to stay home since it can be difficult to get a reservation, or the restaurant is offers only a fixed menu that night. My wife feels what we’ll make for dinner will be better than what we would get at any local restaurant.

My Valentine’s Day dinner was inspired by the latest steak sent to me by the Holy Grail Steak company. I thought I had tried all their steaks based on how many I cooked last year. Holy Grail Steak sent me a Prime Filet Mignon. The USDA classifies steaks into three categories: select, choice, and prime, with prime being of the highest quality as measured by marbling and other factors. Holy Grail Steak’s partner, they say, is the best and most consistent cattle producer in the country with the purest genetics around.

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Last year’s epic Valentine’s Day dinner featured Holy Grail Steak’s Wagyu steaks three different ways in my blog “3 Sensational Recipes for Filet Mignon.”

Prime Filet Mignon

Prime Filet Mignon

In the Barbecuebible test kitchen I get to experiment with different cuts of steak, cook on an assortment of grills and smokers, and try a variety of cooking techniques. One technique that has become my “go-to” for thick steaks (over 1-inch in thickness) is the reverse-sear method.


I like the reverse-sear method because it promotes even cooking. It frees me up to make my side dishes since I don’t have to stand over the grill during the smoking phase. I can monitor the temperature of the steak with a wireless thermometer. The final searing requires only a few minutes per side.

One of my favorite preparations is simple, but flavorful. I wrap bacon and sage leaves around the filet. Obviously, the bacon adds flavor to the filet, but the first time I tried this recipe, I was surprised how well the sage paired with the filet and the bacon.

For the smoking component of the reverse-sear method, I set up my Big Green Egg XL (BGE) for indirect grilling and added two oak wood chunks to create wood smoke. Normally, I simply season the filets with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper, but this time I used Steven’s Malabar Steak seasoning.

Malabar Steak Rub

Once the BGE reached 250 degrees, I added the steaks. Again, I monitored the steaks with a wireless thermometer while I prepared my side dishes.

Once the steaks reached an internal temperature of 100 to 110 degrees, removed them from the BGE and let them rest. Next, I removed the diffuser plate and put in the cast iron grill grates. The cast iron grates create a great sear on the filets and crisp up the bacon. I cooked the steaks 3 to 4 minutes a side to reach 135 to 140 degrees for medium-rare , and on the edge of medium for my wife. The total cooking time for the reverse-sear method might be longer than if I had to stand over the grill and flip the steaks, but I think the results are worth it.

Prime Filet Mignon on the grill

The Results

The filets were as tender as you would expect with a filet, but juicy. These filets had more marbling than any steak you will find at your local grocery store. The bacon was crispy, and it added additional smokiness to the filet. The sage provided an herbal freshness that balanced the bacon and seemed to enhance the flavor of the filet. The Malabar Steak seasoning and high heat of the cast iron grates created a delicious and crusty exterior that I enjoyed, and it contrasted with the texture of the succulent filet. I served the filets with a mushroom and pea risotto.

Prime Filet Mignon Done

The steaks from the Holy Grail never disappoint and are perfect when you want to impress a special someone at your next Valentine’s Day dinner.

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