Fabulous Friday Featured Raichlen Recipe of the Week Wrap

BBQ 500 Club

The 500 Club featured Four Fabulous Featured Festive recipes in the month of December that were guaranteed to make your Holiday Meal a roaring success!

“This recipe is simplicity itself, and it make a pleasant switch from the usual lamb with mint sauce. The preparation reflects the ecumenism of the South African kitchen. Asia is represented by the use of ginger, soy sauce, and Chinese mustard. A British influence can be seen in the Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar. Put them together and you get an energizing jolt of flavor – sweet, sour, and spicy – that will give you a whole new perspective on lamb.”

Capetown Lamb

Cuban Christmas Eve Pig with Mojo Sauce #14 from The Barbecue Bible

“Pit roasted pig is the traditional centerpiece of a Cuban Nochebuena, or Christmas Eve supper, a holiday that stirs the same sort of emotion -and digestive juices – in a Cuban heart that Thanksgiving does in ours. Come Christmas Eve day in Miami, the sky fills with fragrant smoke, as thousand of backyard barbecue buffs – everyone from bricklayers to bankers – cook whole young pigs that have been marinating overnight in tangy adobo, a garlic-sour orange marinade flavored with cumin and oregano.”

Cuban Christmas Eve Pig with Mojo Sauce - December Recipes

“The aroma that permeated the kitchen was awesome. The brisket took on a dark color from absorbing the wine and the broth. The fruit broke down and the braising liquid reduced to create a bubbling rich mahogany-colored sauce. The brisket was fork-tender and bursting with flavor with a luscious mouthful. The beef flavor was not overpowered by the fruit in the braising liquid. The fruit and carrots in the sauce were sweet but balanced the beef flavor of the brisket.”

Holiday Brisket

Smoked Beef Tenderloin for Beef Wellington #16 Project Smoke

“Need a wow dish in a hurry? Smoke a whole beef tenderloin. Yes, its expensive, but its quick and easy to prepare, and it brings most beef addicts to immediate intoxication. But you can’t smoke beef tenderloin the way you would brisket or other tough, fatty cuts. Tenderloin demands a sizzling crust with a blood rare or medium rare center. Enter the so-called reverse sear method, where you partially cook the beef by slow smoking at a low temperature, then finish it over a screaming hot fire.”

Beef Wellington - December Recipes

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