Don’t Panic! A Last-Minute Grilling Gift Guide


It’s that time of year again, and if you’re anything like us, you’re still scrambling to find the perfect grilling gift for that special griller in your life. But fear not, procrastinators! We’ve put together a last-minute gift guide to help you find something special, without the stress.

From amazing rubs and grilling tools, to deals on premium meats and portable grills, there’s something for everyone in all price ranges. So sit back, relax, and let us help you find the perfect present for your loved ones this holiday season.

Last-Minute Grilling Gift Guide


We are proud to introduce you to Maesawa Beef from Ogata Farms. Maesawa Beef is widely known in Japan as the highest quality, and Ogata Farms takes that attention to quality to the extreme. Their diet includes beer lees which lend a perfect hint of sweetness to the meat. Ogata Farms even has a process to ensure their herd gets peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. They take the care of these animals to new heights and it shows. Sourcing from the Iwate prefecture and getting our hands on Maesawa Beef from Ogata farms is on par with finding out Stag’s Leap exists and it’s a secret we can’t sit on any longer. Our main cuts of Ogata are available in both A5 and A4, but we recently became the first US retailer to offer the even more exclusive BMS 12 as well.

The A4 is slightly meatier and we’ve found a few of our guests over the years actually prefer this. Personally, we have trouble turning down A5 and BMS 12 is a no brainer for special occasions. No matter your choice, you’ll be eating some of the rarest and most luxurious steak in the world.

Ogata Farms A5 Japanese Ribeye from Holy Grail

Beef this rare is in short supply and makes the perfect gift. We recommend you order today. Use code BARBECUEBIBLE for a 20% discount.

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Steven Raichlen’s Ultimate Barbecue Flavor Grilling Gift Box

Steven Raichlen’s Favorite Products for the Ultimate Grilling Experience Set includes: (3) USA Spices Seasoning Rub, (2) Cedar Grilling Planks to use on the grill or in the over, (1) Hickory Smoking Wood Chips, (3) Smoke-in-a-can to use on the grill for extra smokey flavor, set of cedar paper wraps for the grill.

Last Minute Grilling Gift Guide

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NOMAD Grills

Texas-based barbecue outfitter NOMAD Grills offers premium, high performance portable cooking gear for pitmasters at home or on-the-roam.

Nomad Grill - Last Minute Grilling Gift Guide

Spread some barbecue cheer this year! Shop 15% off sitewide with code: BBQSANTA. Skip the line and give the gift of grilling greatness.

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D’Artagnan Specialty Foods

Generously packed with something for every palate, from the timid to the most adventurous eater, D’Artagnan gift boxes are a great way to share your love of food with friends, family, or business associates. Each holds a world of savory delights for the foodie who loves to cook, eat, and share.


The Tilit Contra Apron

The Tilit Contra Apron was borne out of a collaboration with the chefs of Contra NYC. Made of washable waxed cotton, the Contra Apron features an adjustable neck strap as well as a snap for easy removal. Welted front pockets add a touch of style while serving up a good portion of functionality. Available in three colors

The Tilit Contra Apron - Last Minute Grilling Gift Guide

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Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply

Whether you’re creating a mouthwatering bark on slow-smoked brisket, grilling some veggies, or even spicing up a bowl of popcorn, award-winning Meadow Creek Rubs bring a burst of barbecue flavor to whatever you’re cooking. These perfect-gifts-for-grillers have no high fructose corn syrup, are sweeter than the average tomato base sauce – and their squeeze-bottle packaging make them so easy to use.

Meadow Creek BBQ

Buy now to ensure delivery in time for the Holidays

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Shun 2-Piece Shear Set

This two-piece set includes a pair of Shun’s Premium Kitchen Shears and our razor-sharp Herb Shears. Incredibly handy, the kitchen shears are ideal for everything from opening packages to cutting through the shell on a lobster tail. The notch on the blade makes it easy to cut flower stems or thin poultry bones. The extra-fine 16° cutting edge of our elegant Shun Herb Shears cuts cleanly and won’t bruise delicate herbs. A built-in blade notch makes it easy to strip herbs or cut through their stems.

Shun - 2-Piece Shear Set

  • Elegant, multi-purpose kitchen tools
  • Japanese 420J2 stainless steel blades for long life
  • Padded grip for maximum comfort
  • Suitable for right- or left-handed use
  • Blades separate for easy cleaning
  • Made in Japan

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Project Smoke Smoking Fuels

While many people believe the tradition of putting lumps of coal in Christmas stockings was developed as a rebuke or punishment (for “naughty” children), coal was actually a treasure because of its importance, during the 19th century, as a heating fuel.

In one Victorian narrative poem, a poor family was overjoyed to receive enough coal to fill their cellar. Is there someone on your gift list who would appreciate a bag—or several—of smoking chunks or chips in iconic flavors like hickory, mesquite, cherry, or apple? Thought so!

Raichlen Woodchips and Chunks for Grilling and Smoking

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How to Grill Vegetables

The genius of Raichlen meets the magic of vegetables.

Celebrating all the ways to grill green, this mouthwatering, ground breaking cookbook from bestselling author Steven Raichlen shows how to bring live fire or wood smoke to every imaginable vegetable. How to fire-blister tomatoes, cedar-plank eggplant, hay-smoke lettuce, spit-roast brussels sprouts on the stalk, grill corn five ways—even cook whole onions caveman-style in the embers. And how to put it all together through 115 inspired recipes. Plus chapters on grilling breads, pizza, eggs, cheese, desserts and more. PS: While vegetables shine in every dish, this is not a strictly vegetarian cookbook—yes, there will be bacon.

How to Grill Vegetables - Grilling Gift Guide

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The GrillGrate Universal Grill & BBQ Gift Set

The GrillGrate Universal Grill & BBQ Gift Set is the perfect solution for juicier, more tender meals and they work on nearly any grill, regardless of whether it’s gas, charcoal or propane. GrillGrate’s reversible, interlocking anodized aluminum grates dish up grilling rails on one side and a griddle on the other for the ultimate grilling power move. Set features 3 15″ GrillGrate panels, GrateTool and 28-page User & Recipe Guide.

Grill Grate Gift Set

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SearPro Flamethrower

SearPro really packs a punch! It’s a great gift and useful for searing a steak, lighting your charcoal grill, roasting bell peppers, sous vide, glazing a baked ham, starting your campfire, and anything else you can think of! This compact hand-held torch has one of the widest, most powerful flames of any torch available on the market, GUARANTEED!

SearPro Flamethrower - Grilling Gifts

With temperatures reaching over 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. This product was invented by a First Responder Helicopter Pilot. When asked why he invented this his comments were: (I felt like this truly was the missing link to BBQ, sous vide and charcoal lighting). Best Gift For 2022!

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Crowd Cow

Buy a J. Wagyu Holiday Bundle & Get 2 Free Chuck Eye Steaks!

Crowd Cow - Last Minute Grilling Gift Guide

Enjoy savings of up to 30% off holiday favorites including Steaks, Lobster, Crab legs and more at Crowd Cow! Give a gift that your friends and family will enjoy this holiday season. The J. Wagyu Holiday bundle – currently 33% off – is one of many products currently on sale at Crowd Cow.

This bundle includes a 16oz A5 Wagyu Ribeye Steak, 16oz A5 Wagyu Striploin Steak, 2 12oz A5 Wagyu Chuck Eye Steaks, and more!

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Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke BBQ Spice Rub Seasoning Combo Gift Box

This holiday season, give electrifying rubs developed by America’s foremost authority on grilling and smoking, Barbecue Hall of Famer Steven Raichlen. The rubs include Santa Fe Coffee Rub, Kansas City Smoke Rub, Malabar Steak Rub, Carolina Pit Powder, and Greek Island Herb Rub. Perfect for people who are cooking more at home!

steven raichelns project smoke bbq spice rub 6 pack

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