Celebrate Father’s Day with the Ultimate Grilling Gift Guide!


Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to honor the dads in our lives than by indulging their love for grilling? Whether your dad is an amateur backyard BBQ enthusiast or a seasoned grill master, this blog post is your ultimate guide to finding the perfect gift that will elevate his grilling game to new heights. We’ve handpicked a selection of premium meats, grill accessories, cookware, and renowned Steven Raichlen products that are sure to make his Father’s Day extra special.

Grilling Gift Guide for Father’s Day

The Holy Grail Steak Company

Holy Grail Steak is dedicated to connecting discerning consumers with top-quality, responsibly sourced meats. They collaborate with exceptional producers who prioritize ethical and sustainable farming practices, understanding that the flavor of a steak is directly influenced by its upbringing.

With an impressive selection that includes Japanese A5 Wagyu, including certified A5 Kobe Wagyu, and exquisite Upper Prime Black Angus cuts, Holy Grail Steak is the ideal destination for Father’s Day gifts. Surprise Dad this year with their FIRE UP THE GRILL collection, featuring the Wagyu World Tour Pack, and take advantage of a 20% discount using the code BBQBIBLE20 at checkout. This exclusive offer is valid until December 31, 2023.

Holy Grail Steak Company - Grilling Gift Guide

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The Made In Cookware Griddle System

This modular toolkit spans three versions of the Award-Winning Made In Griddle plus adjustable Stand, a Lid, and a Grill Press—each crafted to offer more flexibility in how (and where) you cook. Push the Stand into the ground to create a level cooking surface on uneven terrain, let the Grill Press hasten and deepen searing, and use the Lid for everything from melting cheese to adjusting cooking temperature.

The Made-In Cookware Griddle System

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Portland Salt Company

The perfect gift for the Dad who does it all! The Portland Salt Co. Father’s Day 3-Pack Gift Box includes Portland Steak Salt, Portland Pork Rub and Portland Greek Blend.

Your dad will be the ultimate grill master, pit master and angler serving up the best tasting steak, pork and fish with just a pinch of these incredible seasoning blends. Portland Salt Co. makes it easy for home chefs to bring fine-dining-level flavors and memorable culinary experiences to their kitchens and outdoor patios.

Portland Sal - Father's Day Gift Guide

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Upgrade Dad’s grill with grates that last for life. Recommended for years by the BBQ Bible team and steak cookoff champions, GrillGrates are an improved grilling surface that deliver the best, juiciest food and restaurant-quality sear marks. Made of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates are virtually nonstick and super heat conductive. Flip them over for an instant griddle, or keep them rails up for great sear marks. On all grill types from gas to charcoal to pellet, you’ll get reduced flare-ups (no more charring or flames!), faster cook times with even heating, and flavorful food that sizzles in its juices.

Grill Grates - Father's Day Gift Guide

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Best of Barbecue Suede Grill Gloves

If you can’t stand the heat… pull on the 18” leather Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Extra Long Suede Grilling Gloves! Whether you’re handling a chimney starter full of hot coals or wielding that spatula at flip time, when you need protection from the heat of your grill, reach for the grill gloves that Steve Raichlen designed especially for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Soft and pliable for a comfortable fit and easy grasp, gloves providing far more dexterity than an indoor kitchen oven mitt.

Best of Barbecue Suede Grill Gloves

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The HexClad 12″ Pan is ideal when you’re cooking for a crowd. When it’s time for a family dinner or a group of friends for brunch, this spacious pan can handle the job. Whip up a frittata or easily cook two steaks at a time. Cook up at least four salmon fillets with room for veggies. There’s no stopping your culinary prowess with a pan that offers so many possibilities.

HexClad Cookware

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Planet Barbecue® Meats

Steven Raichlen’s Planet BBQ offers a convenient solution for quick and delicious dinners with their smokehouse favorites. These expertly crafted dishes, including Texas-Style Brisket, hickory-infused Duroc Pork Ribs, Dry Aged 28 Day Burgers, and Smoked Brisket Sausages, are fully prepared and just need to be heated and enjoyed. The meat used in these BBQ classics comes from a network of family farms in the US, prioritizing superior Black Angus and Duroc genetics, excellent livestock management practices, and high-quality feeding. Black Angus cattle graze on lush midwestern pastures and are finished on corn-based feed to enhance tenderness and flavor, while Duroc hogs are raised humanely without crates, fed a vegetarian diet, and are free from hormones or antibiotics.

Planet Barbecue Brisket

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Bacon Up®

Bacon Up® the griddle! Bacon Up® the skillet! Bacon Up® those steaks!

Dad will LOVE the richer, more complex flavor of cooking with bacon grease — and now it’s easy to always have some on hand. Bacon Up® is authentic bacon grease, triple-filtered for purity, and shelf stable. With a high smoke point, it’s perfect on a griddle, for cast iron cooking/conditioning, as a binder, or to fry in. Great taste, NO trans-fat, and NOT hydrogenated – it’s a winner! Available online and in 8500+ stores nationwide.

BaconUp - Grilling Gift Guide

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Best of Barbecue Ultimate Chimney Charcoal Starter

The Ultimate Chimney Starter is one of the largest chimney starters on the market. The square corners give you extra control when distributing the hot embers and the two handles provide stability while pouring the coals into your grill. Environmentally safe chimney starter lights a charcoal grill quickly and easily without lighter fluid. Food tastes better and the charcoal lighter fluid odor doesn’t permeate your picnic–or the environment. To use the chimney starter, stuff sheets of newspaper in its bottom chamber and fill the top chamber with charcoal. After lighting the paper through one of the perforated holes in the starter’s bottom, it takes 20 minutes or so for the coals to heat up to the proper temperature. Simply pour them into the basin of your charcoal grill and you’re ready to barbecue.

Chimney Starter

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The FlavrQ system allows gas grill users to enjoy the charcoal flavor achievable only by charcoal grill users — until now.  The #1 must-have gas grill accessory consists of the FlavrQ grid and all-natural, chemical-free ChipCharwood. The FlavrQ grid installs into your gas grill in seconds, with no tools required. FlavrQ ChipCharwood is easy-to-use, imparting an authentic wood flavor that makes food taste better, naturally. It heats faster and hotter than cooking with gas alone, so your food is also juicier. The high heat leaves very little ash to clean up, making for a tasty and convenient grilling experience from start to finish. Add FlavrQ to your gas barbecue grill and add that natural, wood charcoal flavor to everything you cook!

FlavrQ - Gift Guide

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Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow offers cuts from over 40 different farms to create a box full of Dad’s favorites, or select a curated gift box of their best sellers. They boast a variety of A4 and A5 wagyu beef from acclaimed Japanese farms, including the world’s rarest steak, Olive A5 Wagyu. They’re also the exclusive retailer for Steven Raichlen’s Planet Barbecue products!

Crowd Cow’s high-quality, extensive selection means you’re guaranteed to find an option to please any carnivore dad. Overwhelmed by the selection? Opt for a Crowd Cow gift card so Dad can assemble the perfect box for himself.

Crowd Cow - Father's Day Grilling Gift Guide

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The Barbecue! Bible

The biggest, baddest, best salute to our passion for barbecue, in glorious full-color, from “America’s master griller” (Esquire).

A 500-recipe celebration of sizzle and smoke, Steven Raichlen’s award-winning The Barbecue! Bible unlocks the secrets of live-fire cooking with top dishes, the tastiest sauces, and insider techniques and tips.
It’s got everything: how to grill the perfect T-bone. Succulent chicken from around the world: Jamaica, Senegal, Brazil, India, Thailand, Uruguay. A perfect meeting of fire and ice: Fire-Roasted Banana Splits. Includes FAQs, problem-solving tips, and comprehensive notes on equipment, ingredients, marinades, rubs—even a chapter on thirst-quenchers to serve while you’re busy fanning the coals.

The Barbecue! Bible

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Gear up and grill out in a game-changing GRILLKILT! Enjoy fewer trips back and forth from the kitchen to the grill by having everything you need comfortably strapped around your waist. The GRILLKILT’s integrated tool belt with D-rings, multiple pockets, and various clips make it easier than ever for the griller in your life to have their grilling tools, utensils, and seasonings on hand. It is convenient, stylish, machine washable, and the perfect Father’s Day gift. Multiple colors, two unique styles (and price-points), and many handy accessories such as clippable towels and removable bibs, are available for purchase at www.grillkilt.com! GRILLKILT brand has been featured in Forbes and Men’s Journal and is U.S.A. sewn. Use code “RAICHLEN” for your discount today.


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Barbecue University has found a new home at Alisal Ranch! I have a special relationship with Alisal Ranch going back to Season 1 of Project Fire and Season 3 of Project Smoke – I can’t wait to be back (I’ll even be bringing a new menu with me)! See you September 4-7


SearPro really packs a punch! It’s a great gift and useful for searing a steak, lighting your charcoal grill, roasting bell peppers, sous vide, glazing a baked ham, starting your campfire, and anything else you can think of! This compact hand-held torch has one of the widest, most powerful flames of any torch available on the market, GUARANTEED! With temperatures reaching over 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. This product was invented by a First Responder Helicopter Pilot. When asked why he invented this his comments were: (I felt like this truly was the missing link to BBQ, sous vide and charcoal lighting). Best Gift For 2023 – use code BBQBIBLE20 for a 20% discount!


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