Can a Pellet Grill Replace a Gas Grill?

By now you’ve probably heard all about the benefits of the pellet grill. This type of grill is beloved for its multipurpose appeal. Use it to grill, smoke, sear, roast and bake with a single appliance. The best part? It’s easy to use, even for beginners. But is it so versatile that it can replace your gas grill? That all depends on the type of chef you are and your individual preferences.

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As a fan and purveyor of both styles, Grilla Grills is here to help you decide whether to buy a pellet smoker grill, a gas grill or both.

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What Pellet Grills and Gas Grills Have in Common

Both pellet grills and gas grills allow you to cook food on grates over high heat, creating that unmistakably grilled flavor with perfect criss cross marks. They both heat up fast and are designed for easy cleaning. 

What Pellet Grills Have That Gas Grills Don’t Have

Pellet grills, unlike gas grills, can smoke food. One great thing about a pellet grill is that it excels at cooking at lower temps, which opens up a whole new world of cooking and flavoring. Make sure to check out our pellet smoker recipes to see what else you can smoke with a pellet grill.

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But the pellet grill’s versatility doesn’t stop there. These cookers can also be used for standard grilling in the same way you’d use a gas grill. Fire it up fast and use it to whip up flavorful burgers and dogs on weeknights. When it comes to cooking methods, the pellet grill tends to bring more to the table (quite literally) because it can cook food in so many different ways.

Flavor is another category where pellet grills reign supreme. If you love the rich, deep, smoky flavor of classic barbecue, you’ll love using wood pellets as fuel. Whereas gas grills use propane, pellet grills use compressed wood pellets for grilling. These pellets come in many flavorful wood varieties, including apple, cherry, hickory and mesquite, so you can experiment with flavoring and switch things up as you please. Shop our hardwood pellets for grills to discover top-notch options.

What Gas Grills Have That Pellet Grills Don’t Have

Despite the many advantages of pellet grills, there are some things gas grills do better and some features you might prefer. For one, they are more self-contained. Pellet grills require electricity to control the fan, auger, thermometers and other components. That means you generally need to keep them near the house or garage. On the other hand, gas grills are powered by propane, so they’re more portable.

If you’ve ever wanted to cook big breakfasts on the patio or flip hamburgers like they do at the diner, the gas grill might be irreplaceable. That’s because some gas grills, like the Grilla Grills Primate, offer built-in griddles. Also known as flat-top grills, these appliances serve as giant skillets that let you whip up mouthwatering burgers, hot dogs, eggs, hash browns, bacon, steak and so much more

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The Bottom Line? It Depends

A pellet grill can do most of what a gas grill can do and more, but it’s not right for every chef. In many cases, the pellet grill can replace the gas grill. But there are some deal breakers. If you can’t live without a griddle, don’t have access to electricity or don’t like a smoky flavor, then you shouldn’t replace your gas grill with a pellet grill. Ask yourself the following questions before wheeling your old gas grill to the curb.

  • Do you mind having to plug it in? If you don’t have a safe outdoor space with access to electricity, a pellet grill probably shouldn’t replace your gas grill.
  • Do you enjoy a smoky flavor? Gas grills are great at cooking without any strong flavors or odors, letting the ingredients shine through for themselves. If you’re not a fan of smoky flavoring, stick to gas. 
  • Do you want a griddle? One of the biggest reasons our customers invest in gas grills is for the amazing griddle feature. If this is non-negotiable for you, don’t replace a gas grill with a pellet grill.

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Our Advice? Use Both

Just like any appliance, there’s a time and place for both propane and pellets. Ideally, you’d have access to both options so you can use each one depending on what, and how, you want to cook. No matter which style you wind up with, you can’t go wrong if it’s a Grilla Grill.

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