BBQ500 Club October Dinner Menu

BBQ 500 Club

Plus, an Opportunity to Participate in a Group Zoom Meeting with Steven!


Beginning today, charter members of our exciting new Barbecue! Bible 500 Club (learn all about this and how to join here —it’s free) will receive a monthly themed menu personally chosen by Steven.

Featuring everything from cocktails to dessert, the menu will be compiled entirely from the pages of Steven’s award-winning book, The Barbecue! Bible. First published in 1998, the book was re-released in 2008. “The results will whisk you around the world, without ever having to leave your grill,” wrote the New York Times. If you enjoy entertaining, you’ll be inspired to gather friends or family for an evening of great food and spirited conversation.

To celebrate this inaugural, SR5CMORDDPM menu, the first 10 Club members to grill the dishes, and post photos and ratings on the group’s Facebook page will be invited to join Steven on a 30-minute group Zoom call. They’ll be able to speak to Steven in a cyber face-to-face and ask any burning questions they might have about grilling or smoking.

And now, the October menu showcasing The Barbecue! Bible’s Greatest Hits.

October Dinner menu

First up is a Brazilian Daiquiri (Page 54 of The Barbecue! Bible), more commonly known as a caipirinha (pronounced kai-pir-EEN-ya). Vigorous muddling of juicy limes with a muddler, wooden spoon, or even a potato masher will give you the most professional-tasting cocktail, as will a certain South American spirit, cachaça. If you can’t find it, substitute white rum—151 proof if you’re feeling invincible.

CAIPIRINHA - October Dinner Menu

Accompany these strong cocktails with Catalan Tomato Bread, one of the easiest appetizers on Planet Barbecue. Grill slices of rustic, country-style bread until lightly toasted, then “grate” raw garlic cloves and red, ripe tomato halves over the rough crumb. Finish with coarse salt, like Maldon and a drizzle of your best extra virgin olive oil.

Catalan Grilled Tomato Bread

Vietnamese Grilled Beef and Basil Rolls (Page 69 of The Barbecue! Bible) have been thrilling attendees of Barbecue University™ for years, and for good reason. These simple-to-make bites are packed with Asian flavors, yet won’t spoil appetites for the main course.

Which is…Italian Bistecca alla Fiorentina—a bible-thick porterhouse or “tomahawk” steak seasoned simply and expertly grilled. A sprinkling of coarse salt and a drizzle of EVOO enhance its beefiness. Serve with addictive Greek Garlic- and Lemon-Roasted Potatoes.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Finish this magnificent meal with fall-inspired Fire-Roasted Apples.

Fire Roasted Apple - October Dinner Menu

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