A Raichlen Double Labor Day


Labor Day already? Seems like we were just firing it up for Memorial Day and July 4th. Yet in just 10 days, it will be Labor Day, and—not that members of this community need it—it’s another great excuse to fire up the grill.

The origins of the original Labor Day were anything but peaceful. In 1886, thousands of workers clashed with police in violent riots to demand an 8-hour workday. Prior to the Haymarket Riot, as the disturbance was known, all too many Americans labored under grim conditions, working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, often in poorly ventilated sweatshops. On September 5, 1882, New York City union leaders organized the first Labor Day. Two years later, Labor Day became a national holiday, and we’ve been celebrating on the first Monday of September ever since.

But history is not on most people’s minds as summer draws to a close.

I’ve always been of two minds about Labor Day. Some years, I pull out all the stops, loading my smoker with briskets, spareribs, and, why not, barbecued duck. Other years, I figure I’ve labored enough at the grill over the summer, so I keep it simple—real simple: burgers, brats, and maybe Philly cheesesteaks.

This year is one of those ambitious Labor Days, with summer veggies front and center. Like wood-grilled tomato bruschetta. Grilled watermelon salad. Smoked creamed corn. And barbecued salmon with brown sugar butter glaze.

Labor Day Recipes

What? You don’t want to work that hard on Labor Day? I’ve got the perfect solution. Order my Planet Barbecue™ brisket, ribs, double brisket sausage, Brooklyn hots, BBQ Burgers, and our brand new Pastrami Bacon from Crowdcow.com. They come fully cooked and ready to eat. Just heat on your grill or in the oven. Hell, I don’t even mind if you hide the packaging and claim them as your own.

Whether you’re taking it easy or grilling up a storm, all of us here at Barbecuebible.com wish you a happy Labor Day!


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