8 Showstopping Fall Grilling Ideas and Recipes

There’s never a wrong time of year to enjoy fire-cooked flavor and mouth-watering meats. So why deny yourself those savory flavors just because it’s gotten a little cooler outside? 

Lots of fall classics like turkey and sweet potatoes taste even better when you smoke them on the grill! That might sound like a bold statement, but we think you’ll understand once you try these incredible fall grilling ideas from the pitmasters at Grilla. 

grilling a turkey

1. Grilled Turkey

Cooking the Thanksgiving bird on your Grilla Grill will take your turkey to a new level of juice and flavor, while saving space in your oven at the same time. We’ve got two great ways to do it: an overnight brine and a day-of method that uses a seasoning injector. Both produce tender turkey that will make your Thanksgiving table truly epic. They also make it easy to check on your big bird if you use a WiFi pellet smoker

Turkey Day Tip: Roll balls of butter in herbs like rosemary, sage and garlic.   

2. Fall Ratatouille with Halloumi Cheese

Juicy veggies are a must-have for a flavorful fall, so let this fall ratatouille recipe show you just how tasty it can be when the grill meets the garden. Ratatouille might look complex, but the process is actually really simple on any Grilla pellet grill. If you’re looking for an unforgettable side dish for your autumn barbecue, grab some fresh fall veggies and go to town. 

3. Bourbon Honey Mustard Chicken Quarters

Get ready for an explosion of savory flavor from these bourbon honey mustard chicken quarters. You’ll use Grilla Gold ‘n’ Bold BBQ sauce to create a rich honey bourbon sauce and then roast the chicken on your Grilla grill. This recipe makes an awesome complement to some of our favorite sides that you can do on a Grilla grill, including the sweet potatoes we’ll talk about in just a minute.

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4. Wild Boar Chili

Here’s a stick-to-your-ribs fall chili recipe that will satisfy even the heartiest appetite! You don’t need wild boar, either — this chili recipe is easy to customize to taste with your favorite proteins, veggies and seasonings. And if you haven’t tried chili on a pellet smoker before, prepare your taste buds because you’re going to be going back for seconds. 

5. Smoked Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Thanks to their consistent heat, pellet smoker grills are actually great for making baked goods like cupcakes. Trust us — once you’ve tried these smoked maple bacon cupcakes, you’re going to want to bake on the grill more often! The rich flavors of smoked bacon and maple frosting work together to make a fall treat that’s guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

6. Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes might be the quintessential fall veggie, and this smoked sweet potato recipe is super simple and irresistibly tasty. Its smoky flavor will help your sweet potatoes stand apart from the typical fall sweet potato casserole, so reach for these if you’re in search of a comfort food side that brings a little more excitement. This recipe is great for a pellet grill, but it also works wonderfully on our Kong ceramic kamado grill

7. Kickin’ KY Bourbon Jerky

Turn some beef cuts into a savory snack that’s perfect for enjoying on a fall hike. Grilla Beef Rub and a strongly-flavored smoking wood like hickory wood pellets will help you make a delicious meat snack that’s a whole different animal from store-bought jerky. If you’re a jerky fiend, consider getting a Grilla jerky rack for your favorite grill. 

8. Smoked Cranberry Sauce

It’s time to step it up a little from canned cranberry jelly. Instead, try this ridiculously delicious smoked cranberry sauce that comes together quickly and easily. The secret to its amazing autumn taste? Fresh fruit, a dash of whiskey and the smooth, even heat of a Grilla pellet grill or ceramic grill

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kamado grill

There’s almost an endless supply of awesome meals to make on our pellet & kamado grill recipes page, so check it out any time you’re looking for something new and delicious to cook on your Grilla Grill. Don’t forget our Grilla sauces and rubs collection, with award-winning tastes that are delicious in any season! 

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