8 Grilling Ideas for Two

Who said you had to wait to have a crowd over before you fire up the grill? A meal on the grill can taste just as great for two people as it can for many. Whether the occasion is date night with the one you love or a long-overdue hangout with your best friend, we’ve got eight awesome kamado grill and pellet grill recipes for two. 

grilled steak on cutting board

There’s nothing like tucking into a steak dinner with somebody you love. We humbly suggest our pellet grill ribeye recipe for a perfectly smoky steak flavor. A ribeye’s marbling makes it ideal for grilling, and we’ve included a delicious stone ground mustard butter in our recipe to give it just the right pop. For picture-perfect sear lines, we suggest searing on a pair of Grilla Grills grill grates

You’ve had a cheeseburger, but have you had a burger with cheese inside? Get ready to have your life changed by the Minneapolis staple known as the Juicy Lucy. This dead-simple recipe will blow your mind with a mouthful of gooey cheese, and our Grilla Beef Rub will make sure your patty is packed with flavor. 

This mouth-watering salmon recipe makes an excellent dinner for two. Its scratch-made BBQ sauce goes great with a buttery, flaky salmon filet — and you’ll even use a little bit of Grilla Beef Rub to power up the flavor! For this one, we recommend the freshest and highest-quality salmon you can get — you’ll thank us when you take your first bite.

Swordfish steak is one of the most luxurious treats in seafood, and this recipe puts a delightfully bright and fresh spin on it. It’s as simple as it is effective, with a blend of herbs and spices that bring the fish’s mild flavor to life. When grilling seafood on a pellet grill, remember to use wood pellets with a milder taste, such as cherry — or make our all-purpose Competition Blend your go-to.

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grilled salmon and veggies on cutting board

Owners of the Kong kamado grill will go ape for this wonderfully simple pork steak recipe. All you need is a pair of pork steaks, plus our Grilla Grills All-Purpose Rub and our Gold ‘n’ Bold or Kongo Kick BBQ Sauce. The Kong’s ceramic lining and classic charcoal flavor will give you a flawless char while keeping the meat juicy. 

Grilla Grills’ What Da Cluck rub brings an explosion of zesty flavor to this backyard classic. A half can of beer keeps the chicken deliciously moist and, in just an hour, you’ll have a whole smoked chicken with a terrifically tender texture. Our recipe uses a 3- to 5-pound chicken and feeds several people, but it’s so easy that you can simply use a smaller bird when cooking for two. 

Two people. Two full racks of fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs. One amazing dinner for the ages! This rib recipe uses the traditional “mopping” process to give you mind-blowing ribs that you can either glaze or serve with dipping sauce. Our pitmasters love St. Louis style ribs for this recipe because they cook a little faster and more evenly, but traditional baby backs will also come out great!

What is it that makes the combination of pork and apples so magical? You can ponder that question as you dig into this apple cider injected pork tenderloin. Our apple cider injection recipe (available here) will take your pork tenderloin from good to awe-inspiring in just a few minutes. Make sure you’ve got a good meat injector syringe on hand to guarantee that your flavor injection gets deep into the meat. 

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These recipes are just the beginning! We’ve got a selection of dozens of other delicious pellet grill recipes, from can’t-miss appetizers to entrees you’ll see in your dreams. Plus, take a peek at our selection of WiFi grills so you can enjoy more conversation and worry less about your grill temps!

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