8 Basic Grilling Essentials to Get Started

You probably make sure that you’ve got basics like a hammer, screwdriver and level before starting a DIY project. Before you work on your car, you remember to grab some rags, a ratchet set and a flashlight. Just about every skill requires its tools of the trade, and grilling is no different. So, what kind of must-have gear should you have at the ready when you step up to the grill? Let’s check out eight grilling essentials that any well-equipped pitmaster needs.

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The Basics of the Basics

The rest of this guide assumes that you have a grill to cook on, food to cook and fuel to cook with. Need some help with any of those? Check out these resources:

1. Tongs

Tongs are one of the most frequently used tools in any pitmaster’s arsenal, so make sure you’ve got a good pair on deck. Standard kitchen tongs will do in a pinch (no pun intended), but a heavy duty set of BBQ tongs is even better. 

To choose the right pair, look for a long handle and heavy duty construction from stainless steel. Want to make it easy? Grab our BBQ tool set and get a pair of tongs, plus three other high-quality tools in a convenient carrying case.

2. Spatula

A spatula is a close second to tongs as a key tool for awesome grilling. You’ll use it to flip burgers, quesadillas and lots of other grill goodies. Look for a spatula with a decent-sized blade to give you good leverage on chunky burger patties, as well as the usual long handle and sturdy build. A slotted design is also clutch for draining off grease and making food easier to handle. Luckily, a spatula is another one of the tools in our BBQ tool set!

3. Grill Brush

Any grilling pro will tell you the importance of a good grill brush in keeping your grill grates clean. Grates quickly build up an unsavory combo of grease and gunk that can leave your food tasting weird. Thus, you need a sturdy metal brush to clean off your grill beforehand. However, here’s an important safety tip: Don’t use the grill brushes with the small, sharp metal bristles. These can actually break off and wind up in your food. (No thanks!) Instead, try the Grilla Grills brush, which uses a continuous threaded wire head to create a safer and more effective brush. 

4. Meat Thermometer

Every pitmaster needs a quality instant-read meat thermometer at the ready. Your thermometer does everything from verifying that your food has hit a safe internal temperature to telling you when you’ve got a dead-on medium rare on that juicy ribeye. The Grilla Grills meat thermometer is built for quality and convenience, with an auto-rotating screen and a build tough enough for tailgates and competitions. 

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5. Marinade Brush

Basting your food with a marinade is a key part of many amazing pellet grill recipes. A good marinade brush will help spread the goodness around evenly. Look for a brush with heavy duty rubber bristles. These are great for basting large pieces of meat and they’re easy to clean. Not by coincidence, a rubber-bristled marinade brush is another one of the tools in our BBQ tool set!

6. Sauces, Rubs and Marinades

Some recipes just need a little salt and pepper. Others create true backyard fine dining with an assist from various sauces, rubs and marinades. When it comes to these, many pitmasters like to keep some ready-made options on hand, especially when they’re just starting out. A go-to spice rub like the Grilla All-Purpose Rub is important to have, as is a classic BBQ sauce like our Thick & Bold BBQ. From there, pick based on what you want to cook, such as the Grilla Beef Rub if you love brisket. Or, get our Grilla Grills Sauce & Rub BBQ Caddy for a full arsenal of flavors all in one place.

7. Paper Towels

The humble paper towel can do a lot of important things when you’re grilling. From patting meat dry to cleaning up spills, paper towels are a go-to item for many pitmasters. Choose paper towels that are thick and absorbent — and don’t be afraid to keep a whole roll handy when grilling. 

8. Grill Cover

Even the most well-built grill suffers when it’s left uncovered in the snow or rain. Inside is only a little better. Your garage and shed contain dust and dirt that can foul the components of a pellet or gas grill over time. To keep your grill safe and in great condition, you need a durable grill cover made from a waterproof material. Preferably, it should be machine washable as well. That’s why we offer a rugged Grilla Grills grill cover specifically made for each one of our models, designed to keep out water and dust while remaining easy to clean. 

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