7 Reasons You Aren’t a Grilla Grills Owner Yet

reasons why you aren't a grilla grills owner yet

Maybe you’ve never heard of Grilla Grills, or perhaps you know a friend or neighbor who loves their Grilla Grill, but you aren’t sure if it’s for you. Are Grilla Grills any good? What can you do with them? We’re here to answer those and many other questions to address all your concerns. Let’s look at seven reasons you may be holding back on ordering a Grilla Grill and explain what you need to know to make an informed decision.

1. You’re Unfamiliar With Our Company

Maybe you don’t know much about Grilla Grills as a company and aren’t sure if you want to do business with us just yet. We have a unique story compared to some other grill companies. For us, the story doesn’t start with grills — it begins with metal processing in the automotive and construction industries. 

As we looked for ways to branch out and apply our skills to other products, we started with a pellet furnace and then had the idea to create a pellet grill. More specifically, two guys — one an industrial designer and the other a metalsmith — had the idea to create a one-of-a-kind smoker-grill. The result was the Grilla pellet smoker. 

Our family-owned company has continued that same commitment to quality and value as we’ve designed other grills and smokers we’ve added to our lineup. No matter which product you choose, when you buy direct from Grilla Grills, you know you’re getting the benefit of meticulous design and top-quality construction for a grill or smoker that puts the competition to shame. You can also count on exceptional customer service from a company that treats its customers like family

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2. You Don’t Know How Grilla Grills Compare to Other Grills

If you’re in the market for a grill or smoker, it makes sense to compare the various brands. You may be asking yourself — why should I buy a Grilla Grill vs. any other grill? Let’s see how we stack up to the competitors when it comes to a few critical metrics.

  • Quality: Grilla Grills feature a level of quality you’ve probably never seen from grills at a retail store. We craft them with dual-wall construction, which makes them exceptionally well-insulated. They’re also durable, so you can count on them to last.
  • Value: We know everyone wants the most bang for their buck. That’s why our grills are such an outstanding value. You can be sure we aren’t overcharging you to give other parties a cut of the profit. We sell directly to consumers, so you only pay for a quality grill, not a retail markup. Our grills are always available at our best price — no complicated sales gimmicks, just outstanding value every day.
  • Simplicity: Perhaps you’ve felt intimidated by some other pellet grills and smokers on the market. If so, you’ll love a Grilla Grill. Our user-friendly products simplify cooking over a wood fire for anyone who wants to cook delicious meals.

3. You Don’t Know Everything You Can Do With a Grilla Grill

Let’s get into some more details about our grills and smokers. You may be wondering what you can do with a Grilla Grill. Maybe you’re interested in one specific application, but chances are, you want an appliance that offers some versatility. Below, we’ll address some common questions about what Grilla Grills can do.

What Types of Cooking Can You Do With a Grilla Grill? 

Our grills are incredibly versatile. On our pellet grills and kamado grill, you can do the following.

  • Smoke: You probably guessed this one, at least for our pellet smokers. Smoking imparts complex flavors and is the perfect low-and-slow cooking method. In addition to our pellet smokers, you can also cook with direct heat or smoke using our Kong Ceramic Kamado Grill. 
  • Grill and sear: Our grills get hot enough for some serious searing. There’s nothing better than that sizzle when you place food on a hot grill. You can get an excellent crust and beautiful grill marks that will make your food look and taste amazing.
  • Bake and roast: You can even bake and roast with our grills. They provide convection heat, so you can bake in them like you would an indoor oven — set the temperature and the time, and bake or roast away.

You can also slow-cook food for tasty barbecue or give it that signature char for some great Cajun eats.

Plus, on our Primate model — an exceptionally versatile gas grill and griddle — you can grill, cook hibachi-style stir-fry, sauté, make smash burgers or even fry up some bacon and eggs. 

To learn more about what you can cook on a Grilla Grill, visit our recipes page, where you’ll find chef-tested recipes that will make you a star in your backyard.

Does a Grilla Grill Get Hot Enough and Produce Enough Smoke?

Smoking typically takes place at a relatively low temperature. However, pellet grills can get up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to sear foods, as well. For even better searing, you can use grill grates to increase the food’s surface temperature. 

The Kong is your top choice if you want the hottest smoker and grill possible. It can get up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an excellent option for searing and even making pizzas in your backyard that will taste like they came out of a professional pizza oven.  

Grilla Grills should produce all the smoke you need. It’s typical for a pellet smoker to start with a large amount of smoke, but this thick, white smoke isn’t the best for flavor, so you may want to wait a bit and add your food to the smoker as the smoke level goes down and the smoker has settled into the ideal cooking temperature. 

At this point, the smoke should be thin, wispy and blue. If you’re worried about not getting enough smoke, check out our troubleshooting guide to help you get the most out of your smoker. 

Will I Have Enough Space to Cook?

All of our grills offer an impressive amount of surface area for cooking. You can see a visual size comparison that lets you know how much food you can fit on our Silverbac, Kong and Grilla models. The Silverbac is our largest grill, with enough room to cook for a crowd. If you want to maximize your cooking area further, add an optional extension grate.

We made the Chimp to be mobile, so it’s not quite as big as these other models, but you’ll still be impressed by what you can fit in it. The Primate also has plenty of room to make a feast for your family or guests. 

ease of use grilla grills

4. You Don’t Know How Easy It Is to Use a Grilla Grill

One of the best things about Grilla Grills is that they make it easy for anyone to do smoking and outdoor cooking like a pro. When you’re smoking, barbecuing or baking, you can choose your settings and leave it to do its thing, no babysitting required. As one of our customers put it, “There’s just no fussing with it. You dial it in exactly where you want, and it does the work for you.” 

Our pellet smokers now come equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, making it easy to control them from anywhere. Our customers requested this feature, so we delivered. 

Getting your grill set up and using it is pretty straightforward. Let’s address a couple of frequently asked questions about using our grills.

How Hard Is It to Assemble a Grilla Grill?

The simplicity of our grills doesn’t only make them a cinch to use — it also makes them a breeze to put together. Assembling a Grilla Grilla is a relatively quick task that should go smoothly. To make it even easier, we created videos to guide you through the process step by step. In no time, you’ll have your grill fully assembled and ready to go. 

What Types of Pellets Can I Use With My Grilla Grill Pellet Smoker?

A pellet smoker uses wood pellets, which will give your food a uniquely delicious flavor, but how do you know which to use? With the rise in pellet smokers’ popularity, more and more pellets have entered the market. Generally, you want to stay away from cheap pellet products with fillers. Look for 100% wood pellets, especially pellets that are mostly hardwood. For example, this might be oak, pecan or hickory.

Your best bet is to get your pellets straight from Grilla Grills. Our pellets are top-quality to match our outstanding smokers. Each type of pellet we offer can influence your food’s flavor profile, so take a moment to compare these options and see which flavor is best suited to whatever you want to cook on your pellet smoker.

5. You Need Help Deciding Which Grill Is Right for You

If we have you convinced about buying your next smoker or grill from our company, but you aren’t sure which Grilla Grill is the one for you, you can learn more about each of the models we offer by checking them out on our website. Our lineup includes three pellet smokers — the SilverbacGrilla and Chimp — plus the Kong, a charcoal kamado grill, and the Primate, a gas grill and griddle. As you compare models, ask yourself these questions to choose the right option for you:

  • How much do I want to fit in my smoker or grill at one time?
  • How hot do I need my grill to get?
  • Do I want a more compact, mobile grill for tailgating or camping?
  • What types of cooking do I plan to do on my grill?

We’ve put together a comparison guide to help you choose among our pellet smokers and kamado grill options. If you want a propane grill, the Primate is the clear winner. If you’re on the fence between the Grilla and the Silverbac, we have a guide to help with that decision, too. 

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6. You Aren’t Sure Whether It’s a Good Value

Hopefully, if you’ve read all the sections above, you already know value is a priority for the Grilla Grills family. If you’re still not entirely convinced a Grilla Grill is worth the investment, check out our answers to the following questions. 

Are Grilla Grills Durable?

Grilla Grills are incredibly durable. All of our grills feature stainless steel construction. The Kong is slightly different since it’s a ceramic kamado grill, but it’s still heavy-duty and made to last. We don’t compromise quality on any of our products, so you can expect a long, productive life out of your smoker or grill. Quality and durability have been at the top of our priority list from the very beginning. 

Is Financing Available?

A quality grill can be a significant investment that you prefer to pay in installments, instead of in one lump sum. If that’s the case, Grilla Grills has you covered. You can finance your purchase through Affirm. This secure service will help you find out right away whether you qualify for financing, so you can start grilling now and pay later. It’s that simple.

7. You Don’t Know Where to Buy a Grilla Grill

Hopefully, the only question you have left is where to buy a Grilla Grill. You won’t find our products at your local big-box retailer. We sell our grills and accessories directly to our customers online, which is how we keep costs down and pass those savings on to you. It’s also convenient. If you’re ready to equip your backyard with a Grilla Grill, you don’t even need to leave home — you can visit our online store right now and place your order. 

In addition to our versatile lineup of grills and smokers, you can also find pellets, grill accessories and more. Keep it simple or create a whole outdoor kitchen — it’s entirely up to you. Be sure to check out our signature sauces and rubs, which can take already mouthwatering barbecue to the next level. 

You can also visit one of our showrooms if you happen to be close by. We have one in our hometown of Holland, Mich., and another in Farmers Branch, Texas.

become a grilla grills owner

Become a Grilla Grills Owner Today

Hopefully, if you had any questions or concerns holding you back, you now have a better understanding of what makes Grilla Grills so unique. Whether you’ve been considering buying a Grilla Grills smoker or grill for a while or you’ve only recently learned about us, now is the time to order yourself a high-quality grill that will turn you into a pitmaster in your backyard. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you get started.

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