7 Fast and Tasty Weeknight Grilling Recipes


While many people confine their grilling to weekends or their days off, your grill can be an ally in putting great food on the table fast any night of the week. An added bonus? Clean-up’s easier, too.

Whether you cook over charcoal or gas, it generally takes less than 15 minutes for your grill to come up to temperature—time you can use to give foods like chicken breast or shrimp a quick marinade in your favorite vinaigrette, or season simply with a rub. Other proteins that can be finished in minutes include pork tenderloin or chops, burgers, thinner cuts of steak, brats, lamb chops, or fish fillets. Prepare extra servings so you’ll have the makings for another meal.

In the meantime, these weeknight grilling recipes from our archives will help you get started:

7 Recipes for Weeknight Grilling

3. Maple Sriracha-Glazed Chicken Drumsticks

Though we call for brining the drumsticks for 4 to 6 hours (you can throw them in the refrigerator in the morning), feel free to skip this step and take the chicken directly to the grill. Sticky, spicy, and sweet, you’ll definitely want to add these to your rotation. (They make worthy party or tailgating food, too.)

maple sriracha chicken drumsticks - Recipes for Weeknight Grilling

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4. Cajun Hobo Packs

Simple—they take only minutes to assemble and cook—and kid-friendly, hobo packs are familiar to nearly anyone with a scouting or camping history. They’re versatile, too. Feel free to vary the protein or vegetables to suit your family’s tastes.

Cajun Hobo Packs

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5. Planked Salmon with Maple Mustard Glaze

Steven used to soak cedar planks in water before cooking on them. Now, he takes advantage of their flammability by lightly charring them over the fire before arranging the food on them. (Saves time, too.) The glaze calls for only four ingredients, all of which you likely have in your pantry.

Planked Salmon with Maple Mustard Glaze

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7. Grilled Pound Cake with Fresh Berry Salsa and Tequila-Whipped Cream

This simple dessert showcases whatever berries are in season. And because it uses store-bought pound cake—we’ve found Sara Lee’s (find it in the frozen food section of your supermarket) holds up better on the grill than homemade—it’s incredibly easy to make and serve. Instead of pound cake, you can substitute angel food.

Grilled Pound Cake with Mixed Berry Salsa and Smoked Whipped Cream

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