6 Tips for Grilling Pizza

Order a delivery pizza and you’ll eat good for a night (or possibly two). Make your own pizza on the grill and you eat just as good (if not better) while saving money and enjoying fire-cooked flavor! We’ve talked about the basics of how to cook pizza on a pellet grill in a previous post. Read that one for the basics of pellet grill pizza! Here, let’s dive a little deeper into the secrets of cooking pizza on your Grilla Grill.

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1. Get your crust just right every time with a pizza stone. 

If there’s one essential tool for cooking pizza on the grill, it’s a pizza stone. So, before you grill your next pizza, grab a Grilla Grills pizza stone if you don’t already have one! The original pizza-masters in Italy knew the secret of a perfect crust: A combination of a very hot fire (typically 450º-500ºF) and a flat, porous surface such as the floor of a brick oven. This helps spread the heat evenly over a wide area, crisping the pizza crust without burned bits or chewy, undercooked spots.A pizza stone for a grill essentially turns your grill into a pizza oven by providing a wide, porous surface that holds heat well. The result? A delectably crispy crust that’s never soggy or burnt! Now all you need is the hot fire, which your Grilla Grill will be more than happy to provide.

2. Make your own dough from scratch.

Creating your own pizza dough is easier than you might expect. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of making every part of your pizza from scratch. Plus, you’ll impress your guests — not only with the quality of your pizza crust, but with the fact that you made it by hand! Our simple handmade pizza dough recipe will show you how to do it step by step. A little olive oil, kosher salt, flour and yeast combine to create the fresh scratch-made pizza crust of your dreams! (And, yes, you can toss the dough up in the air if you want to, but we’re not responsible if you miss.) 

3. Use a pizza peel to make your pizza easy to handle.

Getting your pizza on and off the pizza stone can be a little challenging. Placing parchment paper underneath the pizza is one useful trick that we talk about in our pellet grill pizza guide. But if you want to truly handle your pizza like a master, a pizza peel is the right tool for the job. What is a pizza peel, anyway? Basically, it’s an extra-large and extra-wide spatula that’s made to comfortably hold an entire pizza. When your grilled pizza is ready, just slip the pizza peel under your pizza and lift it up. If you plan on making pellet grill pizza regularly, a pizza peel is second only to a pizza stone as a must-have tool.

Get a Pizza Stone for Grilling the Perfect Pizza

pizza grilling on pizza stone

4. Get creative with your toppings.

Pepperoni, plain cheese and meat lover’s are classics for a reason. But if you want to really explore your culinary horizons, try adding some less traditional toppings! Whether it’s ribeye steak or BBQ chicken, there are so many possibilities that it’s worth trying at least a few. Check out our recipes for pulled pork pizza and steakhouse pizza to get some inspiration flowing. (We won’t jump into the pineapple debate — we’ll just say that the people who love it, really love it!)

5. Use the right flavor of wood pellets. 

When you’re cooking on a pellet grill, your choice of wood pellets will always have an effect on flavor. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong choice, but we’ll let you in on a pro secret: Our pitmasters absolutely love the taste of pecan wood pellets for a grilled pizza. Why pecan? We’ve found that its subtle, nutty flavor is just right for a pizza crust. It’s a little bit sweet, but not too much. And if pecan’s not your thing, you’ll never go wrong with all-purpose Grilla Competition Blend pellets! 

6. Keep an eye on your cooking temperatures from anywhere with a WiFi pellet grill.

A nice hot grill is a requirement for great grilled pizza. Yes, you can babysit your grill to make sure your temperature stays just right, but wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to? That’s why so many pizza-loving pitmasters swear by Grilla’s WiFi pellet grills, like our flagship Silverbac model. Our pellet grills come with built-in smart hardware and our exclusive Alpha Connect app, so it’s a snap to check your temperatures whenever and wherever! If you’ll settle for nothing less than the most awesome pizza ever, a WiFi pellet grill and a pizza stone are your tickets to pizza nirvana.

Meet the WiFi Pellet Grills That Pitmasters Love

grilled pepperoni pizza

Now it’s time to savor your grilled pizza — crispy crust, juicy toppings, melty cheese and all. See all of our Grilla Grills recipes for even more awesome cooking ideas! 

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