6 Grilling Ideas for Large Groups

Maybe your barbecue guest list grew by accident — first it was just going to be family, then friends and family and now half the neighborhood has said they’re coming. Or maybe you’re the more-the-merrier type who invited everybody on day one.

Either way, now you’re going to be grilling for a crowd! It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your grill skills, but it’s important to find the right recipe first. We have tons of awesome grilling ideas for large groups to talk about! First, though, let’s look at some of the most important parts of a great recipe for group grilling.  

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What Makes a Great Party Recipe?

Most of the best pellet grill recipes for large groups have a few things in common, including:

  • Crowd Pleasers: Great party foods are the ones that you can count on to please almost everybody. While you’ll hopefully know at least a little about what your guests like and their dietary needs, having a variety of reliable crowd pleasers will go a long way. 
  • Filling: Give your guests something more than a snack that will send them home full and satisfied. It’s especially important to have filling food available if you’re serving booze. 
  • Easy to Portion: Easy portioning is a must in any great party recipe. Foods that are simple to cut and divide are great, and foods that don’t have to be cut or divided are even better!
  • Easy to Prep: Planning ahead is the name of the game when you’re cooking at a party. It’s great to have something already marinated and ready to throw on the grill. 
  • Flair: OK, so it’s not a must that your recipe has a little flair to impress your friends and family — but it doesn’t hurt, right? 

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, read on for some outstanding grilling ideas for large groups. 

Get the Perfect Grill Grates for Party Grilling

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Our Favorite Grilling Ideas for Large Groups

Ready for some recipes your guests will never forget? Check out these six ideas for group-friendly grilling. 

1. Pork Belly Sliders

Sliders are just about guaranteed to be a home run at a party, and these pork belly creations take the idea to a whole new level. They’re awesome as either an appetizer or an entree, and a side of Brussels sprouts slaw makes a deliciously crispy counterpoint. 

2. Chicken Bacon Ranch Kabobs

Not only are these insanely delicious, they’re way healthier than something with these ingredients has any right to be! Add more veggies for extra crunch, or mix up the savory flavors with chunks of beef or seafood. 

3. Blackened Catfish Tacos

Tacos are another MVP food for big gatherings because they’re guaranteed crowd pleasers. These blackened catfish tacos are melt-in-your-mouth good, and the recipe is a cinch to scale up for any size crowd. Just make sure you properly grease your grill grates to prevent the fish from sticking,

4. Grilla’d Chicken Wings

While these wings are so tasty that you might be tempted to crush a plate of them by yourself, they also make fantastic party snacks. Our wing recipe is as simple as it is delicious, using a combination of Grilla BBQ Sauce, Grilla AP Rub, and your favorite hot sauce to provide the flavors. Add the secret ingredient of baking powder for that just-right crispy texture, and you’ve got wings that your guests will rave about.

5. Hot ‘n’ Fast Brisket

Want to serve a knock-your-socks-off brisket without spending a lifetime making it? It’s still perfectly possible to get a tender and juicy brisket at a higher temperature! Make some Grilla brisket rub and get this 6- to 8-hour brisket recipe going. It’s even easier with a WiFi pellet grill to monitor temperatures remotely. 

6. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

People love these game day favorites for their rich taste and perfect level of spice. They’re easy to cook in large batches — which is important because it’s very possible to smash a ton of these without even realizing it! Want to prepare them the quick and easy way? Use the Grilla jalapeno popper tray to get a batch going in no time. 

Find the Perfect WiFi Pellet Grill for Your Patio

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We’ve got dozens of other delicious recipes over on our pellet grill recipes page. Getting ready for your next cookout? Don’t forget to read up on the equipment needed to host a barbecue, and use our BBQ food planner to make sure you’ve got plenty of food ready to go!

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