5 BBQ Graduation Party Ideas

It’s probably not a surprise that we believe BBQ is the perfect way to celebrate a graduation. After all, if you ask us how to celebrate pretty much any special event, we’re going to give you the same answer: by grilling and smoking delicious food! Fortunately, it’s not just us. BBQ graduation parties are already a strong tradition for a lot of folks. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation from high school, trade school, college or kindergarten, check out these five awesome BBQ graduation party ideas. They’ll help you make sure that everything is set for a memorable graduation throwdown.

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1. Use a grill that’s up to the task.

A graduation cookout often means cooking more food for more people than you normally would, so make sure your grill is ready for the big day. First, it should be clean and in great working order. Give it a general touch-up, including cleaning out ash and grease inside. Test the burners on a gas grill and make sure the fuel system is primed on a pellet grill. Think about the grill’s features and capabilities, too. Does it have enough cooking space for the amount of food you plan to cook? If you have a WiFi pellet grill like the Grilla Silverbac, make sure to take advantage of its smart features so you can keep up with your food’s progress while you mingle and enjoy yourself. Finally, stock up on wood pellets, lump charcoal, propane or whatever fuel you’ll use. 

2. Cook up some tasty appetizers for the party.

Whether or not you’re eating a larger meal later, you’ll keep everyone in the celebratory spirit (and prevent hangry guests) by cooking up some delicious appetizers. Here are some easy and tasty grilling recipes that make great snacks for a grad party:

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3. Make some smoked BBQ for everyone to enjoy.

A graduation party is the perfect excuse to bust out smoked meats like ribs and pork butt. They’re filling, great for crowds and (maybe most importantly) will have everyone impressed with your cooking skills. Try these suggestions from the Grilla Grills recipe collection: 

  • No Wrap Ribs: Our recipe makes it easy to get fall-off-the-bone tender ribs that your guests will go wild for.  
  • Simple Pulled Pork: Make mouthwatering pulled pork that’s ideal for tacos, sandwiches, nachos or just about any other party-friendly food. 
  • Hot N’Fast Brisket: Graduation calls for a special treat, and the rich flavor of beef brisket could be just what the pitmaster ordered.

Not feeling a big smoke? Check out some classic cookout recipes like our juicy no flip burgers and grilled pork steaks

4. Don’t forget dessert.

After the savory flavor explosion of the recipes we’ve talked about, a little something sweet is practically a must. For a lot of people, a special graduation cake is the order of the day, so make sure to have it planned well in advance if you’re getting one. Planning a last-minute event, or searching for a different kind of dessert? Try these easy dessert recipes you can make on a pellet grill:

5. Make it all about the graduate.

It’s their special day, so make sure your graduate is getting pampered like they deserve to be! Let them help if they want, but give them the opportunity to kick back while you take care of everything. They’ve worked hard enough to get here! Of course, if the graduate wants to be involved in party planning, by all means let them — it’s their day, after all. Talk to them about what kind of food they’d like served, what kind of decorations they’d prefer and party games or other activities that they’d like to have. Personalizing the party can also be a fun way of making sure the graduate gets the recognition they deserve. Tons of party supply sites offer the opportunity to order custom napkins and decorations — and adorning these with photos from childhood is an awesome touch! 

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