3 Best WiFi Pellet Grills

WiFi pellet grills are the newest and hottest tools for the modern day pitmaster. However, finding the best WiFi pellet grills out there can be a tricky process, especially if you’re looking for one at a big box store. The box might say it’s a “smart” grill, but if it lacks a user-friendly app or  reliable build, it might not end up being so intelligent after all. That’s why Grilla Grills is now proud to offer our customers three of the best WiFi pellet grills on the market today. Between our legendary build quality and our advanced Alpha Connect app, we think you’ll agree that these WiFi pellet grills offer a truly evolved cooking experience!

alpha connect wifi pellet grill

Make Way for Alpha Connect

Alpha Connect is the all-in-one smart grill technology that comes standard on every new pellet grill from Grilla. The concept is pretty simple: Each grill has a WiFi-equipped control board that the pitmaster connects to using the Alpha Connect app. From this idea, we’ve built a series of WiFi pellet grills that put big box store grills to shame and offer unbeatable value for every BBQ lover!

Our engineers spent years fine-tuning this technology and listening to what our customers wanted from a 21st century pellet grill. With Alpha Connect, you’ve got full control over your Grilla Grill from anywhere that you can access the internet. All you need to do is download the Alpha Connect app to your mobile device and then connect your grill to your home WiFi network. Through the Alpha Connect app, you can:

  • Track and adjust your grill’s surface temperatures
  • Start and stop your grill 
  • Offset your temperature to match ambient temps
  • Tweak advanced settings like fuel feed rate

Why Alpha Connect Can Revolutionize Your Grilling

What makes Alpha Connect the alpha of the smart grill pack? Glad you asked:

  • Smart Meat Probe: Every Alpha Connect model includes a built-in smart meat probe for minute by minute internal temperature tracking of your meat. No more running back to your grill to check temps every five minutes!
  • Notifications and Alerts: Get automatic alerts on your phone when your meat has hit its set internal temperature, your grill has left your acceptable temperature range, your grill is running out of wood pellets or any other condition you’ll want to know about.
  • Dual Modes (PID/Pro Smoke): The Alpha Connect controller includes two modes. Pro Smoke is our time-tested standard mode for maximum smoke and maximum flavor, while PID helps you keep ultra-precise surface temperatures. With your Alpha Connect controller, switching between the two is a seamless matter of clicking a button!
  • Temp Tamer Technology: The Pause button on your Alpha Connect control board activates our Temp Tamer technology. This helps you minimize the temperature fluctuations caused by opening your grill — an exclusive feature that no other pellet grill brand can give you!
  • In-App Troubleshooting: Forget flipping frantically through your manual to interpret an error code. The Alpha Connect app helps with understanding and fixing common error codes to get you back on track.

No grill on the market today offers all of these features in one place — that is, except for the three Grilla Grills WiFi pellet grills we’re about to show you!

grilla grills chimp tailgater grill

The Grilla Grills Chimp, a classic tailgate-style grill with Alpha Connect

The Three Best WiFi Pellet Grills Around

1. Grilla Grills Silverbac/Silverbac AT

The Silverbac is our premier full-sized WiFi pellet grill, and the Silverbac AT is its all-terrain brother with a heavy duty built-in cart. Both grills come equipped with Alpha Connect technology, and both are built with rugged double-walled construction for superior temperature control. Whether you’re cooking a scrumptious ribeye on the pellet grill or smoking a tender pork butt, the Silverbac is born to dominate! 

2. Grilla Grills Chimp

The Chimp tailgater grill gives you the perfect blend of portability and power, with all of the same great Alpha Connect features as larger models. Its compact size means that it’s easy to pack into your vehicle for the tailgate, campsite or competition — but its outstanding capabilities mean that it’s never outclassed anywhere!

3. The Grilla

The O.G. Grilla model is a full-sized and full-featured WiFi pellet grill. With our classic vertical design and patio-friendly footprint, it’s ideal for smaller cooking spaces. That said, it’s definitely big where it counts — in its double-walled construction, easy-glide wheels and fully equipped Alpha Connect system. 

Alpha Connect in Action

Ready to see Alpha Connect for yourself? Our engineers and pitmasters break down how everything works in our Alpha Connect video series:

Step Up Your Smoke with Our WiFi Grills

alpha connect wifi pellet grill with storage

We’re thrilled to be bringing the new generation of smart grilling tech to patios, tailgates and competitions everywhere! Shop all of our WiFi pellet grills now and find the one that’s perfect for you — or check out our massive collection of pellet grill recipes.

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