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Son of Zombie Wing Sauce Review

Son of Zombie Wing Sauce

Son of Zombie Wing Sauce. I went to my local hot sauce store looking for their newest hot sauce. She walked me over the the “new” section. (for some reason I didn’t see it). One of the sauces was called Son of Zombie Wing Sauce. Its made by Torchbearers Sauces.

The store has a whole line of sauces by them, but this is their newest one. I have to say that the artwork on the front is very cool. A bunch of zombies on there, even has a baby zombie with a pacifier. I really wasn’t looking for a wing sauce, I wanted a hot sauce but the woman who owns the store convinced me it wasn’t just for wings. Also it says XXX Hot on it.

Pouring it on the plate for some crackers it was a little chunky. I could see the peppers in the sauce. For the ingredients, I had to take a picture of the ingredients with my phone and blow up the list. It was in very tiny font or just my eyesight is bad. It has Ghost Peppers and Habaneros in it.

I put a little on a cracker and tried it. It was really good! I definitely could use it on other things beside wings. It has their Honey Garlic sauce in it and you could definitely taste the sweetness. It wasn’t overpowering but you know its there.

As for the heat, knowing it has ghost peppers and habaneros in it and it says XXX Hot on the front, I was ready for some intense heat. I didn’t think it was that hot at all. It could be way hotter. I don’t know if its just me and I’m used to the heat of things but I don’t think so. That is my only complaint.

I will be buying it again, I want to try their other sauces as well. I feel that even though it could be used for anything, I bet its great on wings after all. Cheers.

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The End Hot Sauce

The End Hot Sauce from the Pepper Palace

The End Hot Sauce! Now this Hot Sauce came to me from my cousin who traveled to South Carolina and came upon a store called The Pepper Palace. It is a store with all kinds of hot sauce for the spicy-minded. They have a lot of other things like salsa and rubs but this is the first item that I have ever had from The Pepper Palace.

It contains Vinegar, Habanero Peppers, Reaper Peppers, Extract, Salt, and Xanthan Gum. Now you are supposed to sign a waiver and they are not to be held liable, blah blah. I always feel the waiver is a gimmick to try and sell more product but I could be wrong. Im not sure if it is legally binding.

I put this sauce on a chip to try it out. Just two small drops. I put the chip in my mouth and I could at first taste the heat but it really didn’t hit me. I actually didn’t think it was all that hot. But then my forehead started to sweat. That never happens to me. Then I can start to feel my tongue burning up. It felt like my tongue was enlarging on the sides. This was HOT!

The weird thing was that I was waiting for the heat to go down my throat and into my stomach but none of that happened. All the heat stayed in my mouth. It was uncomfortable for awhile but I persevered. It lasted about a half hour til the heat dissipated.

I didn’t eat it again til a couple days later. I put a drop in some homemade tacos that were having for dinner. It was hot but more manageable then having straight sauce on a chip. I also put a couple drops in some salsa and that was real good as well.

Overall, I really like the sauce and I recommend putting it in salsa or chili and just use a minimal amount. I loved it in the salsa. They call it The End because that’s when the heat is over and it takes forever to get there.

The Pepper Palace also has a contest if you put up a pick of yourself trying the sauce you can will $250. Not too shabby. Try The End Hot Sauce if you are looking for something new to try!