Low Carb Healthy Asparagus……Grilled!

Asparagus is my all time favorite vegetable! So good and so perfect! Especially when it’s grilled! It’s so simple to do! Whether you like thick or thin asparagus the method to cook is the same with the time on the grill is the only difference.

First take your bunch of asparagus and cut off the ends. Next take some olive oil and drizzle the asparagus and roll them around til well coated. Next step is up to you. I like garlic powder and Parmesan cheese but you can just use salt and pepper if you like. Sprinkle your seasonings on and roll the asparagus around til we’ll coated.

Place the asparagus directly on the grill grate over medium hot coals and cook til done, about 10-13 minutes. Make you sure you roll them around continuously and don’t let them burn. You want them to be soft with just a little crush. You don’t want them black or mushy.

So so good!

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