Easy Grilled Steak

So I had a couple of filets in my freezer from Omaha Steak. These aren’t the biggest filets around, about 8 oz and 3/4-inch thick, I decided to defrost and throw them on the grill.

Now with steak you don’t need a lot of seasoning. Just rub the filets with some olive oil and throw some salt and pepper on both sides.

Get your charocal lit or your gas ready and throw the filets on a very hot grill. Depending on how you like it cooked, I like mine medium rare so for these I did 4 minutes one side and 5 on the other. I also gave the steaks a little quarter turn halfway to give the crosshatch design on the steak.

So goo and lo carb and no steak sauce necessary! Mmmmmmm…

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