Diet Over. Back to Grilling!

Well, the Bone Broth Diet is over. I lost a total of 16 pounds. I was hoping for 20 but 16 is good. It wasnt too tough of a diet. The hardest part was getting used to fasting and going out to mexican and not eating chips. I didnt have any beer for the 21 days so that was tough for me as well.

Something I didnt talk about on this journey is the constipation and going to the bathroom. Im not sure if it was going keto or not but it messed up my bathroom habits a bunch. Sometimes I wouldnt go to the bathroom for a day or some days I would be in there a lot. I didnt like those days. I also didnt like the low energy if gave me for running. At first i could barely run without walking but at the end I ran 12 miles no problem.

I would recommend this diet. Its not too tough and not too long. Just I really got sick of the bone broth. Switching to smoothie helped. I like those. Anyway, if you have any questions let me know. Now Im gonna get some grilling pics and recipes! Cheers!

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