Bone Broth Diet Day 19

So good to eat again! Im so happy my last fast day for this 21 day diet is behind me! Although I think its key to this diet, having the intermittent fasting. If that wasnt done, I dont think I would have lost as much weight.

I got up in the morning and ran 5 miles. It went surprisingly well. I wasnt sure when I headed out how much energy I would have on account of the fast day I had yesterday. I did well. I was able to complete the run, slower than usual but still got it done. It felt great. I think exercising is also key to this diet, it accelerates the weight loss.

I had my omelette for breakfast with leftover pork loin in it. I went to the movies again and wanted that popcorn! But I didnt have any. I took some habanero almonds with me and it helped me get through. I read that on the keto diet that a small amount of almonds is ok. I made another omelette for lunch and had pork rinds and salsa. That wasnt too bad. Glad I could crunch on something. For dinner i smoked some ribs on the grill. I also had some bbq sauce with it. I know there is sugar in it but it was minimal so I had it anyway. I made cornbread as well because my son wanted it but I managed to stay away from it. Now the hardest part…. I wanted to try to make cookies on the grill so I did. I couldnt stay away from those. I tried one tiny, I hope it didnt through off my diet. But it was only one and it was tiny. It was so so good! Cant wait to have more when Im off this diet.

Couple more days….Cheers

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