Bone Broth Diet Day 17

Ive renamed the diet im on the intermittent 5:2 diet with smoothies on the 2 fast days and 0 carbs on the other five. I just cant do the bone broth anymore. Today some had noticed that I dropped some pounds and that felt pretty good. For a this Wednesday I had leftover steak with an omelette for breakfast. I bought pork rinds from the grocery store to snack on. They arent my favorite things but they will do during this diet. I had chicken breast and asparagus for lunch. Today was a run day with my running group and I felt again that I didnt have enough energy. I only ran 4.2 miles but it felt like 10. I did hill repeats right before so that might have a contributed to my low energy. Plus it was very humid out so that might be an excuse as well.

The running group decided to go to mexican again for dinner….UGH! Its getting harder to ignore those chips! I had tequila and club soda on the rocks to drink. Instead of fajitas this time, they have an egg dish with chorizo so I got that and added jalapenos. It was good but I wanted those beans and rice as well but I got through!!!… Just a few more days and I will be having those things again. In moderation if I can. Its tough. Thursday is my last fast day and I cant wait for this to be over. Cheers….

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