Bone Broth Diet Day 15

I was so excited to get up and weigh myself this morning. I got up and got on the scale. 3lbs! 3lbs! Thats all I lost for the week. I was very disappointed after losing 11lbs the week before. That was the only thing bad that happened. The good news is that when I went running today, I actually felt good and I actually had the energy to run 5 miles. I had my omelette in the morning for breakfast. Since it was Memorial Day, I decided to cook out. I made some ribeye steaks on the grill. Thats all I had for lunch, a big ribeye. Then for dinner I had leftover steak with some eggs. I seem to be having eggs a lot but they are so good. And easy to cook. I only have a week left, Im pretty sure ill make it without eating one carb. Cheers…..

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