Bone Broth Diet Day 13

Well today was probably the hardest day of the whole diet. I went golfing in the morning and this was the first time I couldnt drink any beer while golfing. (tough for me) I also was nervous about what to get to eat at the turn. I ended up getting a hot dog, no bun. I know you arent supposed to eat hot dogs on this diet but I was hungry and I didnt have many options. If that wasnt hard enough, I met some friends for dinner and we went out for mexican. NO TORTILLA CHIPS!!!!!! It was so hard, I love mexican but I couldnt have the chips, beans, rice, tortillas and margaritas. Basically everything thats good at mexican. I ended up eating some spoonfuls of guacamole and queso. I got the chicken fajitas and ate just chicken and the peppers and onions with a little sour cream and salsa. I made it through but it was very tough. Chips and salsa is gonna be one of the first things i eat when Im off this diet! Cheers…..

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