Bone Broth Diet Day 11

Another fast day for me today. They are getting easier as the time goes on. I have completely given up the bone broth. I just cant stomach another cup. Which is a shame too because I have so much broth that I bought. To get me through the day, I make the shake recipe she has in the diet book but I use egg white protein powder instead of hers. I made three cups made out of the powder, vanilla extract, strawberries and almond milk. It was good and I sipped on it throughout the day. It helped me. I didnt feel hungry until the end of the day, right before bed. Its been getting easier to do the diet and I feel lighter but Im resisting the temptation to weigh myself until Monday. I plan on some runs on the weekend, I hope the energy aspect changes. Also this keto breath has gotten bad so I purchased some keto breath mints, that are expensive but I want to have great breath. Ill post a link here to them. Cheers…..

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