Bone Broth Diet Day 10

Day 10 and moving right along. It was a day after a fast day and I thought I would be so hungry when I got up but I wasnt. I didtn eat til about an hour after I got up and I had my omelette with mushrooms and the turkey chili again. I am done with the bone broth so the only snacks I had was tea, water and the habanero pork rinds. I had a chicken breast for lunch with half an avocado. Dinner was another chicken breast with mushrooms and banana peppers. I also had one glass of irish whiskey and water, lots of water. This diet makes me thirsty. I can have a weird taste in my house, almost like I can taste that i have bad breath. I dont like that side affect. I also dont like how I have no energy when i run. I ran 3.5 miles and it was so so hard. I ended up walking a bunch. I just had no energy. That amount of mileage should have been no problem for me Hopefully that changes soon. Cheers…..

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